The Kombat Pavilion

April 29, 2006
Altered Destiny Is Here

Finally - the sprite comic you've all been waiting for is here!  I've been looking forward to this for a long time coming.  See why this thing has been pumped up nonstop for the last week.  The world's first interactive sprite comic (at least, as far as I know) is ready. Check it out:

Make sure you've read his other works, such as the Awkward Sorcerer, to make sure that you understand where the story picks up from.

P.S. This will be the last update until after E3.

April 28, 2006
Final Altered Destiny Promo

This is it guys - the FINAL promo/hyping of Altered Destiny.  I know first hand that this comic is gonna be awesome, that's why I'm giving it so much publicity.  The real thing comes out tomorrow - so get ready for it!

Just one day left!

April 26, 2006
More Altered Destiny Stuff

The release date for Altered Destiny is April 29, 2006.

For now, you can Meet The Players.

April 24, 2006
Altered Destiny Promo

More word on the big update coming soon regarding Altered Destiny.  There is now an established release date on this project.

Check out the promo for it here.

April 22, 2006
Altered Destiny Is Coming

Hey, everyone.  I just wanted to take a minute to show you a preview of an awesome MK sprite comic coming out, called Mortal Kombat: Altered Destiny.  It should be released in the next week.  This is going to be quite different from most MK sprite comics you've seen, and requires some special attention.  So without further ado, please take a look:

Fans of this particular author will recognize him as "]{0MBAT's Awesome Brother" - and what he has done with sprite comics has amazed even me.  So read all about it, and look for it in the coming days!

April 15, 2006
Eight Great Animations!

Alright guys (and gals), time for another bunch of MK animations, including another one by me!  Yahoo!

A big thanks go the returning animators like Ultimate Ryu, WeaponLord, Jake Phillips, MaxyBoy, and RageOfScorpion (who submitted one together with his newcomer cousin WrathOfIce)!  Great job to everyone who submitted one, and everyone enjoy them!

April 7, 2006
New MK Comics Are Out

Time for some more MK sprite comics, though sadly, this time none by me.
Alright, ladies and gentleman, enjoy the latest and greatest MK comics, and there will be more (at some point)!

April 1, 2006
Update on Cyrax Game

The Cyrax turnbased game demo by Skein is now 100% finished.  Using the same system as before, there are now four different characters (and backgrounds) for you to fight your way through as Cyrax.  Check it out:

There's also an update on JoRdAnMaN's game.  While a new demo is not out, there is a new screenshot he made available.  Check that out here.