The Kombat Pavilion

January 30, 2007
Test Your Sight Game

Here's a new game, it's another "Test Your Sight" game like we've seen in the past, just something fun to kill the time:

Thanks go to Jakle2 for putting this together, and what's nice about this is besides there being multiple characters is the multiple levels for each character.

January 20, 2007

Hey everyone, here's some more animations!

Thanks this time go to returning animators MpGrill, NaujZurcLeicam, PMK and tamed_lizard111, who all submitted excellent animations.  Thanks, everybody!

P.S. There is a link you should read explaining how one one of the animations made by PMK was supposed to end up looking, although it looks like that project has been abandoned. Read all about it here.

January 10, 2007
More Comics

Hey ladies and gentleman, time for some more sprite comics:
Congratulations and thanks to everyone who submitted comics this time around!