The Kombat Pavilion

January 24, 2009
Mortal Komedy Holiday Special 3

This series keeps on going, and seems to be improving with each new installment!  Mortal Komedy (Holiday Special 3) may not have been released in time for the holidays, but so what - watch it now!

You can download Mortal Komedy Holiday Special 3 in the DiVX format right here, or visit the Mortal Komedy website for other formats, including streaming video.  Another big thanks to Phelous Something and the rest of the Mortal Komedy staff for putting on another wonderful show and for including me in another cameo appearance!

January 2, 2009
Several New Items

It's time for a couple of new items around here.  First, I'd like to thank TimsMK for designing upon my request a custom 404 page to be displayed whenever an invalid URL is accessed.  I'd also like to thank DArqueBishop for the concept.

In addition, MKMaster has designed (also upon my request) three new Flash intros for the site.

Thanks also to JimboLimbo for his help with The Shujinko Game which provided the inspiration, along with Nintendo of Japan.  You'll have to try your luck at the main page to try and see these.

On another note, if you're going to be in the New York area from January 13-18, then listen up: Barakao1 (a.k.a. ]{0MBAT's Awesome Brother) who also happens to be a published author and playwrite, is having his play SodaCorp performed at the Sage Theater in Times Square.  Mortal Kombat is mentioned/parodied in part of the play, which would still be enjoyable even without it.  If you can make it, and would like to purchase your ticket for only $10, click here.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll see you there!