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To my PK3 FAQ. It's a pretty cool game, well at least until you've done everything. Then it gets a little dull. Because, yes it's basically just Pong with fatalities and moves. But that makes the game real COOL. For a while. I would really like to see Brandon make another update. Like UPK3. With the Ultimate MK3 guys in it or better yet PKT with the trilogy guys in it. If I knew how to program I would do it if he'd let me but I don't have a clue as how to. (I'm sure it's hard though.) But you have to give Brandon credit for an excellent job of making this except for leaving out a few guys that would have been cool in it. But anyway, here's my FAQ.


To Fight Nodnarb: Perform a Fatality on opponent before the ? (3rd to last opponent)
To Fight Noob Saibot: Perform a Babality on opponent before the ? (3rd to last opponent)

(type the following at the main screen)
Extra Kredits: IMLAME
De-Register: NULL
Kredits: WHO


Bomb: F-F-K
Net: B-B-K

Fatality 1: Chopper: D-D-D-U-K
Fatality 2: Chopper: B-F-U-K
Babality: F-F-B-K


Fireball: B-B-P
Razor: B-B-B-K

Fatality 1: Razor: F-F-F-B-K (aligned)
Fatality 2: BalloonK-K-B-F-P (aligned)
Babality: P-P-P-K

Kung Lao

Hat Toss (Up): F-U-P
Hat Toss (Middle): B-F-P
Hat Toss (Down): F-D-P

Fatality 1: Hat: B-B-F-K (aligned)
Fatality 2: Hat: F-B-B-F-P (aligned)
Babality: F-F-D-P

Liu Kang

Fireball: F-F-P
Fireball (Fast): F-F-F-P
Fireball (Slow):F-F-B-P

Fatality 1: Arcade: D-U-D-D-K (anywhere)
Fatality 2: Baby: D-D-U-P (anywhere)
Babality: U-U-U-P


To play as Motaro:
Player one: highlight Shang Tsung and push B-U-B-P or K.
Player two: Highlight Liu Kang and push B-U-B-P or K

Diagonal Fireball (Up): U-U-K
Diagonal Fireball (Down): D-D-K


To play as Nightwolf:
Player one: highlight Shang Tsung and push B-U-U-P or K.
Player two: Highlight Liu Kang and push B-U-U-P or K

Arrow: D-B-P
Reflect: B-B-B-K

Fatality 1: Light: U-U-B-F-K
Fatality 2: Raiden: K-K-B-B (aligned)
Babality: F-B-F-B-P


To play as Nodnarb:
Player one: highlight Sektor and push D-D-D-P or K.
Player two: Highlight Kabal and push D-D-D-P or K

Ball: B-B-K
Ball (Up): B-B-U-K
Ball (Down): B-B-D-K

Fatality 1: Ball: B-F-D-F-P
Babality: F-F-F-K

Noob Saibot

To play as Noob Saibot:
Player one: highlight Sub-Zero and push B-B-B-P or K.
Player two: Highlight Cyrax and push B-B-B-P or K

Fireball: F-F-K

Babality: D-D-F-P


Missle: B-F-P
Grenade (High): F-D-B-K
Grenade (Mid): F-D-B-P
Grenade (Low): B-D-F-K

Fatality 1: Stomp: K-K-D-U
Fatality 2: Kiss: F-F-P-B (aligned)
Fatality 3: Stomp: D-D-D-P
Babality: D-D-D-K


Missile: F,F,Punch
Homing Missile: F,D,B,Punch

Fatality 1: clamp: B,B,F,B,Kick (aligned)
Fatality 2: smash: B,F,Kick,Punch (aligned)
Fatality 3: clamp: F,F,B,Punch (aligned)
Babality: B,D,D,B,Kick

Shang Tsung

Fireball: B-B-P
Fire Eruption: F-B-B-K

Cyrax: K-K-K
Kabal: K-P-K
Kung Lao: U-F-F-K
Liu Kang: F-F-B-P
Motaro: F-F-D-K
Nightwolf: U-U-U-K
Nodnarb: U-U-U-P
Noob Saibot: B-B-B-K
Omoh: D-D-U-K
Sektor: B-D-B-P
Shao Kahn: F-F-D-P
Shova: F-F-U-K
Sindel: B-D-B-K
Sub-Zero: F-D-F-P

Fatality 1: Spikes: F-D-D-F-P
Fatality 2: Soul: P-U-U-P
Fatality 3: Baby: P-K-K
Babality: K-P-P

Shao Khan

To play as Shao Kahn:
Player one: highlight Shang Tsung and push U-U-B-P or K.
Player two: Highlight Liu Kang and push U-U-B-P or K

Fireball: B-B-P
Seeker Fireball: B-B-K


To play as Shova:
Player one: highlight Sektor and push B-B-B-P or K.
Player two: Highlight Kabal and push B-B-B-P or K

Fireball: D-F-K
Donut: D-F-P

Fatality 1: Rip: F-F-F-K (aligned)
Babality: U-U-D


Fireball: F-F-P
Diagonal Fireball (Up): D-F-K
Diagonal Fireball (Down): D-B-K

Fatality 1: Football: F-B-B-B-K (aligned)
Fatality 2: Scream: P-K-K-P (aligned)
Babality: K-K-K-U


Forward Freeze: D-F-P
Shower Freeze (Front): D-F-B-K
Shower Freeze (Middle): D-F-K
Shower Freeze (Back): D-B-F-K

Fatality 1: Fridge: U-U-D-D-P
Fatality 2: Spike: K-P-K-K (aligned)
Fatality 3: Fridge: D-B-D-B-P
Babality: D-D-B-B-P

Kombat Kodes

Blue Ball: 1-0-0 0-0-1
Red Ball: 0-1-0 0-1-0
Green Ball: 0-0-1 1-0-0
White Ball: 1-0-0 1-0-0
Yellow Ball: 0-1-0 0-0-1
Purple Ball: 1-0-0 0-1-0
Huge Ball: 2-0-0 0-0-2
Huge Blue Ball: 2-0-0 0-0-2
Huge Red Ball: 0-2-0 0-2-0
Huge Green Ball: 0-0-2 0-0-2
Huge White Ball: 2-0-0 2-0-0
Huge Yellow Ball: 0-2-0 0-0-2
Huge Purple Ball: 2-0-0 0-2-0
Mammoth Ball: 4-4-0 6-6-0
Tiny Ball: 2-2-1 4-4-2
Invisible Ball: 0-0-1 0-0-1
Turbo Ball: 1-2-3 1-2-3
Super Turbo Ball: 1-2-3 4-5-6
Crazy Ball: 2-2-4 4-2-2
Crazy Ball 2: 0-1-0 9-7-6
Slow Ball: 5-6-6 5-4-4
Decoy Ball: 0-2-2 0-6-7

Invisible Players: 0-1-1 1-8-2
Reversed Controls: 0-1-1 2-7-6
Projectiles Disabled: 6-3-0 0-3-6
Damage Half: 1-5-1 5-1-5
Damage Double: 3-5-3 5-3-5
1/2 Energy Player 1: 0-3-3 0-0-0
1/2 Energy Player 2: 0-0-0 0-3-3
1/2 Energy Both Players: 0-3-3 0-3-3
1/4 Energy Player 1: 7-0-7 0-0-0
1/4 Energy Player 2: 0-0-0 7-0-7
1/4 Energy Both Players: 7-0-7 7-0-7
No Power Bars: 0-1-0 8-9-4
Gravity Paddles: 9-9-9 9-9-9
Anti Gravity Paddles: 1-1-1 1-1-1

"No Knowledge..." 1-2-3 9-2-6
"Sega Sucks" 3-3-3 3-3-3
"I was shamed..." 2-2-2 2-2-2
"I'm on a plain..." 8-8-8 8-8-8
"Grandma take.." 7-7-7 7-7-7
"I thnk I'm dumb.." 4-4-4 4-4-4
"Doll steak, test meat" 6-6-6 6-6-6
"How now...." 5-5-5 5-5-5

Happy Valley: 3-5-1 3-5-1
The Inferno: 3-5-2 3-5-2
Desktop: 3-5-3 3-5-3
The Alley: 3-5-4 3-5-4
Portal: 3-5-5 3-5-5
Space: 3-5-6 3-5-6

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