The Kombat Pavilion

November 24, 2009
More Animations, More Comics, and More Commentaries

Lot of different stuff this time around!  Start by checking some fan-created alternate commentary tracks for the 2 MK movies:

Then, check out these comics:Finally, check out these animations:

So thanks again to returning animators Kamionero, Nadjib-25, rosecicmil, and Spawn777, as well as new animators dukefleed, gamepopper, ScarriuS, Shadowii2, and smoothuser! Until next time, Mortal Kombatants!

November 17, 2009
More Videos

Parts 2 and 3 of "Rejected Mortal Kombat Fatalities" are out:

Looks like this could turn into a whole series. What a great modernized version of those old classic Flash animations that used to be very popular. These are even more visually stunning!

November 3, 2009
Hilarious Videos

Most of you have probably seen these videos, but in case you've been living under a rock, I'm gonna go ahead and upload them here as well.  These are some of the funniest ones that have come out recently:

So thanks a lot to the Tato Salad and GagFilms guys for these awesome presentations.  Oh, and mans1ay3r.