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Baraka: A minority in Outworld, he can no longer stand the politically correct aura of that realm. First "Mutants", then "Nomads", now called "Tarkatans", he's been successful in his military career and doesn't feel he needs to be reminded of his race so often.

Johnny Cage: After dying a few dozen times (of drug overdoses and other various causes) Johnny Cage makes his comeback. The latest movie about his deaths, The Passion of Cage, sets all time box office records. He uses the money to buy a bunch of candy, which kills him again when he gets diabetes.

Raiden: The protector of the Realm of Earth, and nearly destroyed it twice - all the while, not interfering with the lives of the mortals living there. On a trip to a strange and far away land, he obtains new powers and returns via a warp zone known only to sorcerers and deities.

Sektor: Sektor's programming had become corrupted during many violent battles with Outworld forces. As a result, he can't distinguish between reality and movies/TV. Often imitating what he sees on screen, he recently watch some anime film and then proceeded to take over Japan.

Sub-Zero: Having mysteriously disappeared from action, Sub-Zero returns to announce that he had a cold. Once thought to have saved the world by freezing the polar ice caps, he was devastated when he learned that global warming never posed a threat to the Earth Realm to begin with.

Captain N: Kevin Keene has been trapped in video land for many years. There was no game he couldn't conquer. But how will he handle Mortal Kombat, which he has never gotten a chance to play? This next MK will in fact pose the biggest challenge yet for Captain N - The Game Master!

Special Forces: After Kahn's invasion of Earth back in 1995, the U.S. Special Forces change their strategy to go on the offense. Having successfully captured Kahn, they've been fighting off the insurgents who still remain in Outworld. Sonya and Jax do have an exit strategy: win.

Deadly Alliance: Once the U.S. had transformed Outworld into a realm of democracy, the two sorcerers both ran for president of the realm. In a secret deal, both of them had named the other one as their vice presidential candidate. But can this Deadly Alliance last forever?

Noob Saibot: As a former member of the Lin Kuei, he was ridiculed for not being able to adapt to the clan's technology. Vowing revenge for being called a "Noob", he becomes a wraith of the Netherealm and teams up with Smoke to start up his own army of "Cybots".

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