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April 30, 2004
New Comics

More new comics:

April 28, 2004
More Comics

More great stuff:

April 28, 2004
New Animations

I really love these:

Another great job by Setter for the Reptile Eating one, and JoRdAnMaN for Mileena's Sai Impale Fatality.  Check 'em both out now!

April 26, 2004

Check out these, what is it, 5?

April 26, 2004
3 New Animations

Check out these two animations of Kung Lao's MKDA Fatality beind done in MKII:

Great idea on the animation, Setter, and good job Bleed for tweaking the animation and adding sound!  Here's one done by Sponge-Zer0 on what KOF would be like with Fatalities:

April 24, 2004
Project: Ogmorth Continues

Yup, click here to check out Part 2 of this series.  And a big thanks to fellow MK Online member Scott Howell for helping me think of the name ;)

April 23, 2004

2 new comics:

April 21, 2004
New Stuff

2 new animations:
2 new comics:

April 20, 2004
Video Game High

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all your favorite video game characters went to the same high school?  Neither have I, but in this great series by David Noel it happens - and it rocks!  Check out what happens when the Super Mario Brothers, MegaMan, Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil, the Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles - and of course Mortal Kombat - and much more intellectual property is combined into one, actually 2, great Flash animations!  See Jax as a gym team teacher!  View Link and Chrono have a fight on school property!  Watch VG High now!

April 18, 2004
3 New Animations

Check out these 3, made and sent in by Kombat Pavilion Forum Member setter.  Very unique use of the MKII sprites, and nice ideas for Fatalities (pretty gory!)  The only thing missing are backgrounds.  Check 'em out!

April 18, 2004
The Funny Pages...

The comics for today:

April 16, 2004
The Zedox Chronicles (Part 2)

Another great animation by my buddy Sub-Zedox.  I love where he's going with the story!  And by the way, he had my blessing to use the "staff" comic as a part of his animation :)

April 15, 2004
Goro vs. Sonic

Well, that's not the name of this cartoon, but it's a nice fight to watch!  It's called Super Mario All Star Adventures (Part 2) and it's by Daniel Sun.  If you haven't seen Part 1, in which Goro beats up Mario and Luigi, then it's highly recommended you watch that as well.

April 14, 2004
Testing News Script

Thanks to Agilo of Scorpion's Realm for making this awesome news script for me. It will be even easier for me to add news in the future!

April 14, 2004
This Must Be Comic Zone

Today's comics:

April 13, 2004
MK Comics Continue

Keep getting more and more (and the quality seems to be improving lately, too!)

April 12, 2004
Scorpion's Quest

Check out the latest animation, Scorpion's Quest (Part 1) by scorpion_master:

April 12, 2004
Mortal Kombat Sprite Comics

Here's a couple more:

April 11, 2004
Mortal Kombat Comic Strips

Here's today's batch:

April 10, 2004
Yep, More MK Comics

2 more for today:

April 10, 2004

Watch Episode 1 of this new Flash series, the Zedox Chronicles, by my buddy Sub-Zedox.  Amazing to think this is his first time using Flash, eh?  Also check out another Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter crossover by xXARCHAONXx.  His first time using Flash, too!

April 10, 2004
Yep, More MK Comics


April 9, 2004
More Komics

You knew more comics would be coming.  Read:

April 8, 2004
Komic Kraze Kontinues

The MK comic craze is going on strong with these latest additions:

April 8, 2004
New Pirate Cart

Pics, info, sounds, etc. coming soon!

April 6, 2004

Check out the latest comics:By the way, someone left a post on the message board asking how you submit your own comics.  Just so everyone knows, if you send me an e-mail at, I will add your comic.  So if you feel inclined to do so, send me your Mortal Kombat comics and I shall add them!

April 5, 2004
SF vs. MK - DVD Edition

Well, it's not really a DVD, but I guess that's what they call these things when they re-release them with special features.  Yes, check out the latest creation by my friend Dustin_a31 of  If you haven't seen the original SF vs MK, you may do so now.  By the way, the author promises that a sequel is in the works!

April 5, 2004
And Today's Comics Are...

April 5, 2004

Amin Masters sent me some great new skins.  11 of them, actually!

Click on the WinAmp Skin section to download them!

April 4, 2004
You Guessed It...Comics

I love sprite comics.  Check out the newest two:

April 3, 2004

Check out these comics by Legotim:

April 2, 2004
Scorpion's Fate-ality

Yes, it can be a bit confusing to try and figure out which endings happened and which ones didn't.  So, here's a comic to explain what really happened with Scorpion in between MK4 and MK: Deadly Alliance ;)

Read Scorpion's Fate-ality now! Part 1 and Part 2

April 1, 1999
More Comics

Still more comics sent in today!

April 1, 1999
2 New Animations

These are really good.  Watch 'em!: