The Kombat Pavilion

April 30, 2007
More Mortal Komedy!

Yes, it's back – two more of one of the funniest video series around, lately!  By popular demand, here are two episodes - the April Fool's Day special, and the 4th episode!  You can view them all in the Videos section!

As always, the creators of this series – Phelan Porteous, Joel Adams, etc. – deserve praise for this.  Download them now!

April 20, 2007
Over Thirty New Animations

Time to do an animation update.  This one is giant – over 30 animations this time!  Some of the reason for that is was an animation contest they had over at MK Online.  So let's start with the animations from the contest, shall we?

Now, for the rest of the animations, which were not a part of the contest:

Whew!  Enjoy the animations, everyone.

April 10, 2007
Sprite Comics

Alright, time for more comics!  This time around, I went around to deviantART (and even registered my own account there) and found a bunch of comics there, I would like to thank all the comics writers I contacted for allowing them to be reposted here on the Kombat Pavilion:
Thanks to everyone who sent their comics to me, in addition to those whose comics were posted elsewhere and allowed them to be posted here.