The Kombat Pavilion

August 30, 2004
New Animation/Comics

Nice update for today:

Part 2 of SNES World Tournament (click here to watch part 1), this is an amazing series!  Everything is really great with this animation (except for the MK characters losing), but the story and action are so great, that makes up for it.  Check it out now!  Here's today's comics:

August 28, 2004
My Own Animations

Here's my own foray into the world of MK Animations.  Check out my very own creations:

And yes... I am a big fan of superheroes.

August 27, 2004
King of Puns

I'll be making a new comic series, called "The King of Puns".  Check out this preview:
Also, check these out:

August 25, 2004
MK Comics

Couple new comics for today:

August 23, 2004
New Comics/Animations

Here's today's comics:And here's today's animations:

Thanks to Deadly Dragon for sending over Secret MK2 Brutal (an extension/companion to his MK Brutal); Also, thanks to newcomer Eskimo for his interactive animation, Finish Them.  It's a pretty cool concept that has been done before with stick figures, and it works well with Mortal Kombat sprites!

August 22, 2004
Hari Kiri!

Wow, another one of the coolest animations alive!  Well, animations aren't alive per se, but you know what I mean.  Thanks, xXARCHAONXx!

August 21, 2004

"]{0MICS" - Thanks to Emperor Sub-Zero of MK Temple for thinking of that!!  Anyway, more comics have come out, and I continue to be impressed by them.  The quality of MK Sprite Comics has gone up about 62% in the last week, our latest studies have shown.  Here's the latest:

August 20, 2004
Another New Animation

Another cool animation!  This one is cool, has a story and everything, and it fits the MK1/II sprites in with the Deception storyline.  It also replicates the MK1 clouds in the Pit, which I've never seen before in an animation.  Very cool, thanks to Ultimate Ryu again for this one!

August 18, 2004
New Comics

Wow, there's so many cool new comics lately!  I mean, seriously, they just get better and better.  Here's today's comics:

August 18, 2004
New Animation

This is one of the best-looking MK animations I've ever seen!  It's so cool, I'm not even putting a thumbnail here, as no single frame of the animation could do it justice.  But it's about Liu Kang turning into a dragon, and there's unbelievably amazing fire effects.  I'll give you a heads up about the file size, though, it's over 4 MB so it might take a while for some users.  But I assure you, it's definitely worth the wait, so check it out now!  And thanks to Ultimate Ryu for making this glorious piece!

August 16, 2004
Good Day For Sprite Comics

I've always stressed quality, not quantity, of sprite comics on this site.  Having said that, this is a great day for MK sprite comics as Bezou, of ID4-Ality fame, enters the scene.  Deadthleech also submits a couple, and they've also got the "]{0MBAT Seal of Approval".  Check out all of today's comics:

August 15, 2004
Agilo Is a Big Help

I must give mad props to Agilo, who helped me redesign the section for the MK Winamp Skins in PHP!  I hate to use l33t-speak, but... it's so l33t now!  Many thanks, Agilo, and may fortune smile upon you.

August 14, 2004
MK Sprite Comic Surge Still Survives

The sudden MK sprite comic boom that started back around January is still going on strong today!

August 12, 2004
New Animation

Wow, another MK-Outtakes type animation - this fad is really catching on fast!  This one's cool because it uses the animated backgrounds I ripped and sent to MK Warehouse. So check out MK Brutal, the name of this new animation created by Deadly Dragon!

August 11, 2004
New Comics

3 new comics for today:

August 7, 2004
MKDA Fatalities - MKII Style

Check out these 3 new animations - they're all MKDA Fatalities, done MKII style!

Thanks to Deadly Dragon for these 3 submissions!

August 5, 2004
New Section - MKDA Konquest mode

I must admit, I'm surprised no one else has done this before.  What am I talking about?  Well, I added a whole new section to my site today - all the text in MK Deadly Alliance's Konquest Mode has been copied directly from the game and onto the Kombat Pavilion.  Now you can quickly look through each character's personal journey through MKDA Konquest Mode.  This is particularly useful for anyone who's interested in MKDA's deep storyline, as Konquest Mode delves into both MK's past and present storylines deeper than any mk has before!  Enjoy, fellow Kombat fans!And a huge thanks goes to Garret for ripping the text straight from his X-Box disc.  Thanks, dude!

August 4, 2004
New Comics

2 new comics for today:

August 1, 2004
Last Ogmorth

Welp, here's the very last in my "Project: Ogmorth" sprite comic series.  I hope you guys had as much fun reading them as I did making them.  I'd like to give a shout out to MaxDam and FatalTragedy, who helped with some of the custom sprites you will see in the strip.  Thanks for all you support, Ogmorons, and enjoy!