The Kombat Pavilion

August 27, 2007
The Shujinko Game

After almost a year in the making, The Shujinko Game is finally complete!  What is it you ask?  A fan-created video game, made with RPG Maker 2000, created by me - ]{0MBAT - as well as JimboLimbo.  This game features a Krypt system similar to what was introduced in MKDA as well as a slew of other unlockables, homages to all MK's (old and new), and even references to other video games!  Check it out!

August 27, 2007
Something Big Is Coming

Something big is coming.  Something huge is coming. After nearly a year, a super-secret Mortal Kombat project that has been shrouded in mystery will be unveiled very soon. Are you ready?

August 19, 2007
Mortal Kombat Animations

Time for more animations – this time there are over forty of 'em:

As always, enjoy these fine animations.  Thanks this time around go to azn-sk8er-dude, Bezou, dante224, e104joker, El-Niño, fatalitymaster, Hybrid Fury, Kung Lao Jr., L1Lc, MpGrill, NickScryer, scoonie-1, Sub-Zero94, superawesomeness, Ultimate Ryu, and Yeury for the animations this time around... as well as Baron von Brunk, ChaosCriticisor, Kabbal-MK, L3pra, proxicide, RageRaptor, and Red-Lantern, who I forgot to credit in the last animation update!  Thanks again to everyone, and enjoy these fine animated GIF's and Flash shorts.