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Mortal Kombat Alternate Commentaries
Here's a couple of audio tracks you can download as .mp3 files, to listen to some commentary from people while you watch the Mortal Kombat movie.  Warning: Some of them are a bit more professional than others.

Generally speaking, you should be watching the movie and listening to the .mp3 files at the same time (Most of the tracks include instructions for exactly when to hit "play".)  If you're hardcore, it's possible to burn a DVD of the movie so that the commentary audio tracks are merged with the standard audio track.

So, I'd highly recommend you check these links out:
There's also some alternate commentaries for the sequel, Mortal Kombat Annihilation: I also recommend ordering a copy of the laserdisc from (especially if you have a laserdisc player, or want to use a service such as to have it transferred to DVD):

Mortal Kombat (Widescreen) Laserdisc

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For you see, there is audio commentary from producer Lawrence Kasanoff and visual effects supervisor Alison Savitch, which unfortunately never made it to the DVD.