The Kombat Pavilion

December 30, 2006
Mortal Komedy Holiday Special!

Many people have been asking me for this (even though I'm not the author!) - a new episode of Mortal Komedy!  And guess what - it came out!  If you haven't seen the other episodes, check 'em out in the Videos section!

As always, the creators of this series – Phelan Porteous, Joel Adams, etc. – deserve praise for this.  Download now!

December 20, 2006
Some Animations

Here's some more animations!

Thanks this time go to newcomers Darklord_Xel, Hybrid Fury, and Marek01, as well as SubZero-94 who was introduced to the site last time.

Also -- Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

December 10, 2006
More Comics

Awesome, it is time once again for comics:
Great job to everyone whose comic was accepted, thanks a lot!  To all the readers, enjoy!