The Kombat Pavilion

December 30, 2011
MAJOR VIDEO UPDATE (Comics & Animations, Too)

Get ready for the motherlode of Mortal Kombat videos. If you've been keeping up with sites such as College Humor, Dorkly, and Machinima over the past year, there's a good chance you've seen some of these. Then again, there's been so much going on this past year with MK9 and MK Legacy, that you may have missed some of these. Be sure to check 'em out now that they're here on the Kombat Pavilion!

And of course, read up on a couple of comics that have come out:
Finally, check out some Flash animations that have been produced:

Thanks to ConCass, Godz, oddboy18, SovietWolfnamedDeath, and of course myself for these animations. This has been - without a doubt - the biggest update of the year! See you in 2012, Kombatants!