MK4 Game Boy Endings

MK4 box art

As the champion of Mortal Kombat, Fujin the
Wind God, becomes Raidens [sic] successor as
protector of the Earth.  Now he will lead
Earths [sic] forces into the next war
against evil.

Liu Kang

Freeing Earth from the hands of Shinnok, Liu
Kang has also unknowingly freed the realm of
Princess Kitana.  Asking him to be by her
side, Liu Kang must refuse in order to be
Earths champion and protector should it fall
under attack again.


After defeating Shinnok and his minions,
Raiden has earned his place amongst the
Elder Gods.  But to leave the realm he has
protected, he chooses Fujin as his
successor and protector of Earth.


With the battle over and only himself left
standing, Reiko returns back to the realm
from which he left.  Once again as ruler
supreme, he can continue the attack on
Earth as he did when leading the assault
in the last Mortal Kombat.


After helping Quan Chi and Shinnok defeat
Earths warriors, Reptile asks a request to
return back to his homeworld from Shinnok,
but is repaid only with his execution.

Quan Chi

As the victor of Mortal Kombat by defeating
the Earths warriors, Quan Chi puts his
plans in motion as he destroys Shinnok with
the Amulet of Power to reign as sorcerer


Defeating his arch-nemesis Subzero, Scorpion
learns the true identity of the killer of his
ancient clan and that it was Quan Chi.
Banished to the Netherrealm, Scorpion surprises
the sorcerer as they are both sucked into the
portal back to the Netherrealm.


As the conflict ends with Scorpion defeated, 
Subzero is attacked by the sorcerer Quan Chi.
As he faces death, Scorpion uses his ancient
power and destroys Quan Chi.  Leaving his
longtime foe alive so that they might meet
again one day.


Fooling Liu Kang into thinking of her as an
ally, Tanya leads him into a trap as Quan Chi
and Shinnok put an end to the Earths last and
mightiest warrior.

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