The Kombat Pavilion

February 28, 2007
Fourteen New Animations

Time for another animation update, this time there's 14 of them!

This time around I'd like to thank newcomer Evilpizza as well as repeat submitters Deadly Dragon, eastender, JimboLimbo, mkcrazy2006, Ultimate Ryu.  Good work, everyone!

February 21, 2007
Another Video

Heh, part three of the Mortal Discrimination just got sent to me, so here it is as an addendum to yesterday's update.  Check out this third and final chapter:

I would like to thank Matthew Mask again for continuing his work on this excellent series about this serious ninjist problem that faces us all!

February 20, 2007
New Videos

We've got a couple of really funny clips here, check them out in the Videos section!

I would like to thank Matthew Mask for his excellent Mortal Discrimination series, as well as Jack Squat for his spectular Battle Of Scorpion And Sub-Zero.  Right-click on any of the videos above to download them!

February 10, 2007
New Kontent

Hey guys and gals,

Couple new things for this update, both of which haven't been seen here for quite some time.  The first is new WinAmp skin:

The second is a new section, dealing entirely with the spellings of minor places and names throughout MK's history (so far, just Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins and Defenders of the Realm).  Click here to view the new section, also available in the frame to the left.  Enjoy!