The Kombat Pavilion

February 28, 2009
MK Sprite Comics

Time yet again for some more MK sprite comics (as well as a couple hand drawn ones):
That's all for now – see ya next month!

February 14, 2009
Updates on Ninja Syndrome & SodaCorp

You may be asking yourself, why is this update happening on VALENTINE'S DAY!?  Answer: Because this is one update you're gonna LOVE.  To start with, there's a new version of Ninja Syndrome out called Ninja Syndrome Annihilation – not as bad as the title makes it sound, believe me!  There are references to more things MK than you can shake a stick at.  References to fan projects such as MKP4.1 and flashes such as MK vs SF 3, Hydro from the Blood & Thunder comics, rumors such as Erinmac, the taunts that Smoke used to dish out from MKII, a bit of Reiko/Kahn humor, and so much more can be found in this game which is packed full of comedy as well good ol' MK nostalgia.  Download it now:
In addition, you may remember hearing about the play SodaCorp, a play written by Barakao1 (a.k.a. ]{0MBAT's Awesome Brother).  That play can be watched on YouTube at the following links:

That's it for now.  Check back for more, soon enough!