The Kombat Pavilion

January 27, 2006
Some More Comics

Ah yes, more comics, including part 10 of my MKSM parody made using screenshots of the game.  Johnny Cage fans will love it.  Anyone will love ALL the comics, here, really:
Alright, kids, that's all for now.  Until next time!

January 20, 2006

Before you start watching all the latest and greatest animations, I'd like to congratulate fellow KOTK co-author Bezou (a.k.a. "Bezo" and "TheOnlyBezo") who has reached 10,000 views on his DeviantArt page.  So be sure to visit that, and check out this little song and video he made to celebrate:

Now, on to the Mortal Kombat animations (even though that was semi-MK related, heh).

So let's thank newcomer mkcrazy2006 as well as returning animators ]{0MBAT (That's me!), Arctic, Jimbo Limbo, JustyCist, Kabbal-MK, MrSmoke, RageOfScorpion, Ultimate Ryu, and WeaponLord!

January 10, 2006
New Comics

Here we go, with plenty of comics for your reading pleasure:
Keep reading, and remember: Quality, not quantity, is what counts here.

By the way, Konquest of the Kamidogu 8 won several awards.  The first being Daily 4th place:

And also made into the Weekly Top 20:

So thanks to everyone who watched/voted on KOTK VIII!

January 3, 2006
Konquest of the Kamidogu 8

I know you guys were all waiting for it, so here it is!  Episode 8 of everyone's favorite Konquest Mode parody, Konquest of the Kamidogu!  I know you guys were waiting a long time for this, so enjoy:

We've also really filled this up with tons of extras:

This also happens to be the first update of the new year.  So Happy New Year!  Yay!


This video also got a blue bar on Newgrounds, the highest color bar available!  Kickass!