The Kombat Pavilion

January 20, 2011
More rumors

To add further fuel to the fire on last week's update, I did a little bit of Google research and was reminded of one more "Super Unlockable" hidden character:

Vote 4 Pedro

Check it out:

January 12, 2011
Spreading rumors

Now, it's been quite some time since an article like this was put together, but due to some recent discussion on a popular message board – and the noticable lack of discussion regarding a couple of characters – it seemed like an appopriate topic of discussion.

I am referring to, of course, the numerous fake Mortal Kombat characters that used to be very popular back in Mortal Kombats heyday.  Many magazines used to run stories and print fan letters for fun, discussing characters that never did turn out to be real... although a couple were eventually made canon, after the fact. Check it out: