The Kombat Pavilion

July 31, 2004

Remember WeaponLord, who made that sprite comic dedicated to Sonya?  Well, he sent in the final part of his comic.  Also, my latest Ogmorth comic is here as well.  The next time I publish Ogmorth, it will be the last one in the series.  Enjoy today's update, kids!

July 27, 2004
2 Animations

As the subject says, 2 new animations:

Good job to Setter, who has posted a lot of animations in the past; as well as Deadly Dragon, who got his second animation posted here!

July 26, 2004

A couple more comics today, all of them from WeaponLord.  A special strip all about Sonya - pretty cool!  Read:

July 25, 2004
New Animation

Alright!  Another MK-Outtakes type animation.  This one's called "MK Messups" - although right now it's incomplete, the author, xXARCHAONXx, assures me that it will be completed shortly.  Kitana's and Shang Tsung's are easily my favorites (so far).  So MK fans, consider this "A Taste of Things To Come".

July 25, 2004

There was a little bit of down time as MKO's was undergoing some changes; Thankfully, that seems to have been resolved now.  Here's some MK Comics:

July 22, 2004
MK Comics

Couple new ones today.

July 22, 2004
3 New Animations

Check out these 3 new ones!

The repsective authors are named underneath each animation.  Great job, all three of you!

July 20, 2004
Ogmorons Rejoice

All you fans of Ogmorth, get ready to celebrate, as the latest Project: Ogmorth has been released!

July 19, 2004
Comical New Additions

Yes, MK sprite comics are still alive.  Here are the newest ones:

July 18, 2004
MK Comics

Yep yep, more MK sprite comics.

July 17, 2004
More to Come Bat

Well, I was hoping there'd be more good comics today besides Ogmorth, but, there aren't.  Still, that's good news for you Ogmorons (my little pet name for all you Ogmorth fans), so here's the latest strip!  Enjoy.  BTW, did you know that Mortal Kombat Online webmaster Scott-Howell came up with the name "Ogmorth"?  Funny story.  I should tell you about it sometime.

July 16, 2004

Yes, more Mortal Kombat sprite comics, as you have come to expect by now.  Here's the newest batch:

July 14, 2004
Come to the Comics

Yes, more MK sprite comics.

July 14, 2004
The Site Has Become Animated Again

...with 2 new animations:

Good job to DaChort, who is new to animations but just busted out of nowhere with both of these.  Thanks again, and congratulations!

July 11, 2004
More Ogmorth

Good news for you Ogmorth fans, or as I call you, Ogmorons.  Here's today's strip:

July 11, 2004
3 New Animations

Check out these 3, made and sent in by long time favorite Flash-Crash.

These are actually pretty old school, but many of you should be seeing them for the first time!  This guy's work is absolutely amazing.  Thanks again, Flash-Crash!

July 10, 2004
More Goodies

2 new animations:

Thanks, FlawlessMKMan and shirt ninja!  Very funny and very cool!  Also, we've got a couple new comics here:

July 7, 2004
Comic Relief

Yep, a few more MK comics.

July 6, 2004
Some MK Animations

These are awesome:

Congratulations to newcomer Midget Kong for his FIRST animation!  Very nice work, Midget Kong, the effort really shows on your Deception-style death trap animation.  Also, another great job by xXARCHAONXx (of Akuma vs. Scorpion fame) on his new animation where Reptile literally gets torn apart!  Funny, and disturbingly graphic at the same time.  Watch both of them now!

July 5, 2004
More-tal Comics

More MK comics

July 4, 2004
Only a Couple More Comics

Actually, it's a lot!  Here's the MK sprite comics for today!

July 2, 2004
New Animation

Pretty cool idea for a Fatality, this time by newcomer FlawlessMKMan.  Nice job, man, and I'd like to see more from you!