The Kombat Pavilion

July 29, 2005
Quick Notice

Guys, I want to do another update with comics/animations, I really do, but the stuff I'm getting is getting pretty weird.  I'm getting content sent to me from YouSendIt with no e-mail address indicating who it's from, animations that are WMV's or TIF's (an animated TIF! But with no email address associated with it), I've even gotten an HTML file sent to me that used frames, and none of the frames were included.

Please, I'll try and do what I can to accomodate you – even it means taking a string of 80+ images included in a zip file and converting them to be an animated GIF for you – but it's getting to be a bit much.  I'll give you guys a couple more days, so that anyone that sent over some stuff that I can't use a chance to resend it.

If you use that site, PLEASE fill in your email address so I can either give you credit, or reply to you in case there's a problem.  Thanks!

P.S. MK Warehouse just did a huge update with a bunch of sprites and animated GIF's from MKII, check it out!

July 23, 2005
MK Comics and MK Animations

That's right, more Mortal Kombat comics and more Mortal Kombat animations.  Check this stuff out! 
Also, here's 7, count 'em, 7 new animations.

Thanks to returning animators Jay Tookay, Marito, Ultimate Ryu, and Silver Scythe for the newest creations, and thanks also to comic artist Arctic who has submitted his very first animation!  As Shao Kahn would say, "Outstanding".

July 18, 2005
New Intros

Hey, there's 2 additional intros on the main page now.  If you haven't seen them yet, go here and try and view them.  Just keep reloading the page until you've seen them.  If you don't know what to look for, here's a preview of what's in store:

Thanks to Bezou for the awesome Kitana/Liu Kang intro – believe me, you'll want to let that cycle about 5 or 6 times, for when the atmosphere of the intro suddenly... well, let's say it takes a different direction.  And thanks to Torchia for that intro with Baraka where the Kombat Pavilion logo has its own soul! LOL! But seriously, as far as I'm concerned, the soul of the Kombat Pavilion is made up of its users.

July 14, 2005
New Kontent

I told you guys new content was on its way.  Come on, you know can trust good ol' ]{.  Lots of goodies in store today!  Let's start with the comics:
Next, we have a new game:

Thanks to Torchia for that!  Finally, let's finish up with some animations:

Thanks to Deadly Dragon and xXARCHAONXx for their first collaboration together, as well as Marito, Sub-Ciro, Silver Scythe, Ultimate Ryu – all users with multiple animations here – for supplying the Pavilion with fresh new content!

Seriously!  Great job, guys.

July 10, 2005
Woah, Jumped Place Again

Didn't expect this, but as you can see from the screenshots below, Alexa has now rated my site #5 out of overall fighting game sites, and #2 for Mortal Kombat sites (right behind MK Online, although it would really be pretty impossible to overtake them for the #1 slot).

Okay, next update there will be actual content and no bragging. :P

July 7, 2005
MK Riddle

I just stumbled upon this MK riddle/reference to Bezou's MK sprite comics this morning while on Google, I don't know quite how it pulled it up since the page didn't have it anymore and it didn't even show up on the cached version of the page, but anyway, here's the riddle:
Q: How do you make an MK villian huggable?

A: You make a plushie outta him. [link]
Then, the cached page goes on to say:
This is straight from Bezou's Adventures of Spirit Liu sprite comic from The Kombat Pavilion. IT'S THE PLACE THAT HAD THOSE FUNNY INTROS...REMEMBER IT, MY QUEEN?
So yeah, just thought I would share that with you all.  The page that had this riddle (at one time) was KirstieCasey's DeviantArt site, but I don't see it there now, so enjoy.  And don't worry, KP fans, even more content is just around the corner!

July 5, 2005
New Section - Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter

It recently came to my attention that a lot of people find this site because they're searching for MK/SF crossovers.  Since I already have a lot of content that deals with this subject, (including sprite comics I have authored myself), I have now included a list of just about every type of MK/SF crossover imaginable here for easy reference.  Check out the new section here:

July 3, 2005
New Test Your Might Game

Hey, there's a new version of the "Test Your Might" Flash game that requires a mouse to play!  Hint for Windows users to win easily: Enable MouseKeys ;)

Thanks to the game's author, Frost_666, for the notice on this update!