The Kombat Pavilion

June 30, 2005
Komics and Animations

Okay, let's start with the comics, since there's only 3:
And now, let's move on to the animations, since we have six of 'em:

Thanks to returning animators Justycist and Ultimate Ryu, as well as newbies Eggshells, Jay Tookay, and MaxyBoy for their contributions.  I must say, each one has a different look and feel, but all are thoroughly enjoyable!

June 25, 2005
Forget the Last Update

OK, here's some more bragging, but that should be it because I can't anticipate any more bragging after this.  Now, The Kombat Pavilion is actually ranked #6 in overall fighting games sites, and #3 in overall Mortal Kombat sites, per  Here's some bragging screenshots:

In addition, you will notice that MK Online is both the #1 website for fighting games in addition to being the #1 Mortal Kombat website.

Don't worry folks, more kontent is on its way and will soon be here!

June 19, 2005
Kombat Pavilion - #8 Fighting Game Site

Here's a little bit of news that surprised me - The Kombat Pavilion is actually ranked #8 in overall fighting game sites, according to  Here's a screenshot:

Other MK sites mentioned in the top 10 are Mortal Kombat Online,, and Dave's MK.  I'd like to thank MK Online staff member Scott Howell for the tip!

June 18, 2005

Here's some more MK sprite comics, er, komics:
Enjoy the latest, as always!

June 14, 2005
8 More Animations

Okay, whew, eight more animations up here:

Thanks to returning animators, and fellow Mortal Kombat Online forum visitors Khardynyl and Ultimate Ryu for their contributions, and of course Happy-Dude over at the Video Game Director Cuts forum for his, as well as fellow Newgrounds animators Victor Fiori and Jake Phillips for their latest creations as well!  MK Mishaps is another interactive Flash with animated menus where you can select from a bunch of different animations, so make sure you watch them all!

June 11, 2005
MK on Robot Chicken

Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken (part of their Adult Swim) did a Mortal Kombat parody again!  Enjoy the screen caps and video clip:

Enjoy, guys!  Thanks to Kombat Pavilion fan SonicX13 for the information!

June 10, 2005
KOTK makes TX Mafia Front Page

Huh, a little unexpected, it looks like I get to do another update about bragging.  Looks like TX Mafia has added Konquest of the Kamidogu to their front page.  Both the first and last episodes are mentioned. Check it out:

Thanks to Sub-Zedox for pointing this out to me.  Speaking of whom, guess who's animation that is, featured on the front page of TX Mafia in between KOTK episodes 1 and 6?  That's right, Sub-Zedox's!  In his Sonic cartoon, Speed Demons, there are quick banner advertisements that whiz by for a couple of his affiliates, and the Kombat Pavilion is one of them.  Even though it's not really MK-related (besides the part about my site), check it out:

Hope you enjoy, even more kontent just around the korner!

June 9, 2005
MK Conquest Music

Yeah, it's a little late, but thanks to a fan named Zentile, who pointed out that there are 2 different ending themes for everyone's favorite TV show, Mortal Kombat Conquest, I have ripped them both from the DVD and posted them here.  You can find tons of MK Conquest music here, but if you want to just download the 2 new tracks here they are:
Enjoy, MK music fans!

June 4, 2005
Eight Animated Animations

If you think that title was just a bit redundant, you're right!  Anyway, check out these eight great animations:

Thanks to Khardynyl, Ultimate Ryu, and Deadly Dragon for their latest submissions.  I think that the British accent in Khardynyl's stickman animations make it really funny, for some reason.  Great stuff, guys!  Also, added one new video:

So check out Super Duper Bloody Mortal Kombat, a video done in clay where the arcade machine spits blood out at you!

June 1, 2005
New Sprite Comics

Here's some more MK sprite comics, include one by me!  Which surprised even me, as I haven't made one in a long time.  Here ya go:
Thanks to Bezou for helping me with the artistic part of my newest comic.  Speaking of Bezou, check out this wallpaper he made for his Spirit Liu comics:
Your choice of either JPEG or PNG, though if you can, I recommend you go with the PNG version (higher quality).  Enjoy, Pavilion fans!