The Kombat Pavilion

June 2, 2016
Bruce Lee/The Dragon Review

Something a little different today: an unlicensed Famicom game aimed primarily at the Middle Eastern market: The Dragon (a.k.a. Bruce Lee). By Ramar International (a.k.a. Rinco) and Tony Tech. A little unusual in that it features an Arabic language option, as presumably its target market was Middle Eastern.

This game uses Liu Kang sprites to represent Bruce Lee. It also uses other MK characters and renames them to fit the game's "story" (if it can be called that): Scorpion (Suzuki/ninja), Johnny Cage (Ram/King Fighter), Kano (Mr. Tat/Chevalier of the East), Sonya (Alice Yang/Pussycat), and Raiden (Fatek/Iron Mask Man).

More reviews to follow.