March 30, 2004
Still More Mortal Kombat Comics!

Oh yeah, these comics are becoming a lot more popular than I thought!  Check out:

March 29, 2004
Mortal Kombat Comics

Alright!  Lots of comics this time, and even a really cool animated one.  This time we have:

And while it's not a sprite comic, check out this work of art done by Frederico Chagas:
March 26, 2004
Mortal Kombat Comic Strips

Yes, more Mortal Kombat Comics - check them out.

March 23, 2004
History of Mortal Kombat

Ah, another update on one of my favorite Mortal Kombat Comic strips - The History of Mortal Kombat!  Check out Part 33 and 34, thanks to The Shirt Ninja for making this wonderful series!

March 21, 2004
New Mortal Kombat Comics

6 more comics today!

March 20, 2004
New Mortal Kombat Comics

Seems like they come in about every day!  These are pretty good:

March 19, 2004
Death of Johnny Cage

Another fantastic comic, made by me, ]{0MBAT.  Read the Death of Johnny Cage right away!

March 18, 2004
New Comics

Wow, this is a great day for Mortal Kombat comics.  Check out:

March 17, 2004
History of Mortal Kombat

The Shirt Ninja has sent in another 3 comic strips of his History of Mortal Kombat comic.  Be sure to read Part 30, Part 31, and Part 32 now!

March 16, 2004
Sub-Zero's New Look

Made a quick MK comic, titled Sub-Zero's New Look.  Check it out.

Added a part 2, also.

March 15, 2004
2 more animations, this time in GIF format - from my friend and affiliate Kabbal-MK.

March 14, 2004
The History of Mortal Kombat

The Shirt Ninja
has sent me the latest couple strips of his ongoing comic, The History of Mortal Kombat.  Check it out, and enjoy!

March 13, 2004
A nice new animation - Scorpion's Fatality in MKII, done Kane-style.  I must confess, I don't care for wrestling at all so I don't really know what this has to do with Kane (some WWE wrestler, apparently).  I know that this rules, though!

March 12, 2004
Another cool animation. Cyrax and Stryker battling it out in an elevator - too cool!  The Shang Tsung fight isn't bad, either.

March 12, 2004
Knightman, who made the 2 WinAmp skins I found out about yesterday, made another 3!  Very nice looking.

March 12, 2004
Rise of the Robots

Alright, I have now finished my Rise of the Robots sprite comic.  Since this is the ending, it's in 2 parts.  Check out Part 21 and Part 22, respectively.  That's it!  Any new comics I make will be new and fresh now.

March 11, 2004
Big day for updates.  Added 2 pretty cool animations.

March 11, 2004
Discovered 2 Mortal Kombat Winamp Skins I didn't have already.

March 11, 2004
Messed around a little more with the MK Sprite Comics section, also got a new strip from MarkTheFox on his Baraka comic.  Check it out here!

Also, noob_sareena sent me some strips of his own Mortal Kobmat comic, Ass-Breaking News.  It's kind of weird...  but getting good.  Check it out.

March 10, 2004
Well, I redesigned the MK Sprite Comics section.  You can now browse through the comics using the "First", "Previous", "Next", and "Latest" buttons.  I hope that makes things convenient - and there are no pages with tons of comics anymore, so it will load faster too.

I also added the latest strip to Rise of the RobotsClick here to check it out.

March 9, 2004
Added the latest strip to my online MK comic, Rise of the RobotsClick here to check it out.

Also, MarkTheFox sent me the latest strip for his MK comic about Baraka, Kahn's errand boy.  Click here to check that out.

March 9, 2004
That's right, I redid my entire site layout.  I was kind of working on this for a little while, and I finally had some free time, so I finished it up today.  Hopefully, everything is easier to navigate - if there are any problems though, please contact me at: