The Kombat Pavilion

March 26, 2006
15 MK Animations!

Alright, time for fifteen MK animations, including one by me!

A big thanks go to newcoming animators PlaGue69 and AkronDude, as well as returning animators like Ultimate Ryu, DiceP, Setter, Justycist, Kabbal-MK, Arctic, Daniel Sun, and Y-Disciple!  To everyone else, enjoy!

March 21, 2006
Playable MK Game Demos

Usually I don't post demos here, but these are really good, and I hope the final versions do come out eventually.  Check out this one by JoRdAnMaN:

Based on the Fatality system of the upcoming MK Armageddon, you can customize your own Fatalities as you find new and innovative ways to kill Reptile.  There's also 2 versions of a game by Skein:

These games have turn-based systems (as in Final Fantasy) and so far are just one level long each.  Again, I can't wait for the final versions of both these games to come out!  Enjoy playing, everyone!

March 17, 2006
Some More MK Sprite Comics

Another bunch of Mortal Kombat comics, including one of my own:
Not many comics this time around, but there will be soon enough (I bet)!

March 6, 2006

Alright, time for another great set of animations by another great set of animators:

So I'll start off by thanking the newcomers first: Andy218, Gruby, TJA, as well as the returning animators: Arctic, -illusion-, Jimbo Limbo, Ultimate Ryu, and Victor Fiori.  Great job, everyone!