The Kombat Pavilion

March 31, 2007
Update to the Noob KAF Game

Here's a new version of Tim Reeves' Noob Saibot's Kreate-A-Fatality game, inspired of course by the KAF mode in MK Armageddon - using customized UMK3 sprites. Check out the latest update to this game, and have fun coming up with your own Fatality!

Thanks again to the author, Tim Reeves, whose next project will just blow you away!

March 20, 2007
Eighteen New Animations

Time for another bunch of animations!  This time, there's a lot of MK1 animations thanks to a new animator who's totally making use of all the MK1 sounds and sprites available, so we have 18 new ones in all - including one by me!  Enjoy:

Besides myself, I would like to thank superawesomeness, Ultimate Ryu, Red-Lantern, JimboLimbo, NickScryer, Str33tbandit, and Kung Lao Jr. for their excellent work on this update!

March 10, 2007
Sprite Comics

Everyone, time for another set of MK sprite comic update:
Thanks to everybody who submitted comics again, even if it wasn't accepted, it's the thought that counts!