The Kombat Pavilion

March 29, 2009
MK Animations

Time once again for yet another (long overdue!) MK animation update!  Check 'em out... almost 80 this time:

Thanks go to the following animators: DH_Ninja, FXPusher2, hastaveda, Hybrid Fury, Kratos, Nadjib-25, poopkicker24, Ramazanook, Random-Her03, Spindasher, superseva, thespazicat, and ToxicFog!  See you soon...

March 7, 2009
Comics Published

Hello, MK fans!  Bit of news here – some comics I wrote a while back, including Ogmorth, are now published in the magazine Skoar.  Here's the cover:

The magazine is available in newsstands now (in India) and can also be ordered online here, for about 200 IN (which is $3.75 + shipping):

Just remember to use "Outside India" as your state.

P.S. I've also gone and posted an intro/ending FAQ for Ninja Syndrome Annihilation