The Kombat Pavilion

May 27, 2006
A Bunch Of Animations!

Hey everyone, time to post a boatload of animations!  Over thirty!

A big thanks go to returning animators AkronDude, Deadly Dragon, Jimbo Limbo, Kabbal-MK, mkcrazy2006, MrSmoke, Ultimate Ryu, and WeaponLord, as well as new animators Kamionero, NickScryer, tamed_lizard111, TheBananaMan, plus we have Kevin Folliard and Ed Glaser from the Press Start Movie!

May 20, 2006
MK on Robot Chicken

Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken (part of their Adult Swim) did another episode featuring a Mortal Kombat parody - it's been a while!  We've got screen caps and and video clip:

Enjoy, guys!  Thanks to Murdoink from MK Warehouse and Kombat Pavilion fan SonicX13 for the information in this update.

May 18, 2006
New Intros

Heh, in case you didn't notice on the main page, there's four new intros here:

So that's pretty much it for this update, but I will try and get back to doing regular updates again.  It's just gonna be hard at first because there is a LOT of stuff to get caught up on, so bear with me as I try and get everything together.