MK3 Omega!

Okay, since there have been recent conversation about MK3 Omega on, I thought I'll just make a page revealing the truth about MK3O. You know how UMK3 feels so imcomplete? You heard the rumors that the final version would come....a finished version...but that never really happened. Well, I was on IRC, on #mk3, and talked to a lot of cool ppl there and we all were getting angry at the way UMK3 was shaping out to be. We were also pissed off at all the lamers who HAD to have a MK webpage, even though there are like a billion of 'em out there. Most of the lamers weren't very original and stole pics and info, almost like an exact copy of our pages.

Sooooo....I thought it would be cool to make a pic that was so believable, everyone would think it's real and put in their pages and make total fools of themselves while all the cool people knew about this and didn't put it up. A bunch of people liked that idea...Rat, Mack-10, I was going to make the pics and info(which were soooo farfetched and had the AOL label yet people still copied this!). Rat had the resources to make the idea a reality. We were really shooting for the awesome Nudeality effect where people STILL believed in it even everything tells you it cannot be. We didn't succeed to that effect and some "technical" problems put an end to our little BS spreadin' plans. Oh was a riot to do :-)

The original MK3 Omega Page

Ah...the original image. I admit, the background looks kinda crappy. It was done with Truespace. The foreground was a modified John Turk Sub-Zero with "mouse"-drawn and rendered additions. The heads were from MK2. The entire image was constructed and enhanced with Photoshop.

This was unreleased to the public but a lot of IRC'ers saw it. The pretty much liked it but the foreground looks a little fake. Goro was drawn from scratch on the computer! Rain was scanned from a gamemag(Classic Subbie) and enhanced via Photoshop. The background was rendered with 3d Studio, the flames came from MK1 PC(the courtyard stage), and the Raiden Statue came from MK2 PC's Raiden(enhanced with Photoshop). I would've released it but my resources were gone because Rat was unable to assist me on this one. So you see Rat had a big part to this project. He was pretty cool to reproduce all my works as he got it :-)

That's generally it...I know I made some other pics but I don't know if I have them.