NitroInteractive's MK4 Guide

Jason Trent a.k.a. NitroInteractive <> programmed this really cool MK4 Guide a while ago. Since no one else seems to be carrying it right now, he gave me permission to put it here.

Download - 1774 KB

Jason says if he gets enough positive feedback on this, he will continue to program more guides, such as for MK Gold and MK5.  So please drop him a line (again, the address is and if you have any ideas/suggestions for his next guide, by all means send them to him.

How to enter codes in the guide:

Once you're at the main menu (the screen it pulls up when it first says "Choose Your Destiny") put your mouse up to the MK dragon's eye and right click on it.  If you did it correctly, you will enter the secret area and hear "Excellent!"  Now you have a chance to enter one of the following codes: Splash Screen (ah, my old site :) - Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile
MKX Splash Screen - Quan Chi, Fujin, Quan Chi
Prison of Souls Splash Screen - Fujin, ?, Reptile
Great Links #1 - Scorpion, ?, Raiden
Great Links #2 - Scorpion, ?, Scorpion
Credits - Scorpion, Tanya, Sub-Zero
MK4 Crazy Slotzz - Shinnok, Liu Kang, Kai
Access Goro - Fujin, Reptile, ?
Access Jax - ?, Raiden, Jarek
Access Johnny Cage - Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Shinnok
Access Noob Saibot - ?, Sonya, Kai
Access Reiko - Liu Kang, Reptile, Quan Chi

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