The Kombat Pavilion

Mortal Kombat Censored

When the Mortal Kombat movie aired on TV, some lines had to be removed and replaced with more appropriate content. Here, you can see exactly what was changed!


Original line: "I smell something... Bullshit."
New line: "I smell something... Bulldung."

Download: bulldung.mpg - 5.42 MB

Man, Are You Ugly

Original line: "Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole!"
New line: "Man, are you ugly."

Download: ugly.mpg - 882 KB

Hostile Environment

Original line: "I'm in a hostile environment, I'm completely unprepared, I'm surrounded by people who probably wanna kick my ass... it's like being back in high school!"
New line: "I'm in a hostile environment ruled by a maniac, surrounded by hideous, ugly, creatures... It's like I'm back in high school!"

Download: hostile_environment.mpg - 3.27 MB