Super Ninja Bros.

So I was browsing around searching for NES ROMs one day, when all of a sudden I found something called "Mortal Kombat Bros." (I later discovered the actual title was Super Ninja Bros.)  Cool, eh?  I had nothing to do with making this, the author is named Mike Haggar and he can be reached at

Instead of playing as Mario and Luigi, you play as Sub-Zero and Scorpion.  Except when you get a fire flower, then you suddenly change to Ermac ;)  It's still in its early stages of developement, but you'll notice a few differences (besides the main characters) such as the coins and question blocks, which have all been changed to yin-yang icons.  The goombas have been changed into skulls, the title screen has now been changed as well.  And the "Welcome to Warp Zone" has been replaced with "Welcome to The Portal" - as you can see in the screenshots.



Click here to download the latest version of Super Ninja Brothers.
Click here to download the old version of Super Ninja Brothers.
It is an NES ROM, which means you'll need an emulator to play it.  Click here for Nesticle x.xx.

Visit the Just4Fun home page (the author's site!)

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