Mortal Kombat for 8-bit NES/Famicom

Here we have another pirated Mortal Kombat cart for the Famicom system.  This is another one where the controls are screwy.  The AI is surprisingly good.  There are three difficulty levels - easy, normal, and hard - and unlike the AI in some of the official MK games, the computer is still bound by the same rules as the player even in the hard difficulty.

I must say I was surprised to see a pirate company actually put their name on this product.  They even come close to copyrighting it, and announce "All rights reserved".

You can actually select your options in this pirate version.  You can choose between the various difficulty levels, mentioned before, and you can also demo the sound test (although there only 4 different tracks).  They will all be available for download shortly.

Once you select tournament, you come to the Character Select screen:

This game actually adds its own original characters!  Here they all are, in the same order they appear on the screen:

Kano, Rayden, Scorpion, Sonya, Sub-Zero, Yoko, Flash, Scop V, Sova, Zoo, Liu Kang, and Liu.  The new characters are just clones of the characters that already exist, so they seem kind of pointless.  Except for Yoko, who exists to plug the company ;)


And when you beat the game all you get is this:

And you have to reset or power off your Nintendo in order to play the game again!


Sova's Ring Toss
Sub-Zero vs. Rayden
Flawless Victory
Press Start to Continue
Sub-Zero vs. Zoo
Scorpion vs. Rayden
Sub-Zero's Freeze
Rayden's Torpedo
Sub-Zero Mirror Match
Sub-Zero vs. Yoko


Coming Soon!

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