Mortal Kombat has just gone
We proudly present Mortal Kombat Trilogy Nitro Edition....
You thought we forgot you! No way! We've saved the best MK for the best systems. Yes,
only these systems have the raw math power required to handle Mortal Kombat Trilogy Nitro
Edition. Sorry N64 owners, your graphics are just too primative. Too Bad Playstation owners,
it's time to grow up and join the big boys. Adios, Saturn owners, even your triple processing
power can not even come close to handling the magnitude of the Nitro Edition. Mortal Kombat
Trilogy Nitro Edition is MK taken to the extreme and believe you me....
Dis game is PH@ !!!
The Sega CD and 3DO versions of Nitro Edition use our patented "Nitro-compression" (tm)
algoritm which gives us an amazing 1000 to 1 compression ratio off a standard CD giving
us the ability to store more data on a CD than ever in history. Witness 75 minute
"movie sequences" for each characters ending. Even more important, we've actually
reduced load times before each battle to an astonishingly short 4 minutes. Yes, you've read
correctly, we cut the load times down to 4 minutes !! CD Kombat never had it so good.

Yes, Gameboy owners, finally a game which unleashes the raw graphics power of the Gameboy
and Super-Gameboy systems. Nitro Trilogy for Gameboy is an incredible 4 megs of Kombat
power with all 50 characters 50 backgrounds all represented in a brilliant 8 shades of grey.
Just think of all the custom button combinations you can dream up with all 2 buttons to
choose from !!

Nitro Edition is available on all kool systems for just $99.95.
Experience it, live it, be it, believe it, and pray you come out alive....

Coming soon, Nitro Edition for:
Gamegear, Jaguar, Jaguar CD, Atari ST, 800XL
Apple 2c, Amiga, Atari VCS, Intellivision, and Vectrex.