The Kombat Pavilion

November 27, 2005
Happy Birthday ]{0MBAT

Er, that's right, happy birthday me.  Today's my birthday.  I'm 23.  Hey, look what Torchia made me!

Thanks so much to Torchia for doing this!

BTW, more animations coming soon.

November 26, 2005
New Comics

You guys will love this update.  Lots of new comics again - including a brand new series by me, made entirely of screenshots from MKSM!  Check 'em all out:
As always, thanks to all the authors, and everyone have fun reading!  That's kinda the point, to have fun, so do it.

November 18, 2005
Eight Great Animations

Time for another 8 great animations, check 'em out:

This time around, you can find one of my own animations included in one of these eight!  Also, thanks to Proxicide for finishing MK vs. SF 2 (now a featured animation) as well as JimboLimbo, Ultimate Ryu (responsible for over half of today's submissions!), and WeaponLord!

November 11, 2005
New Comics

Hey guys, tons of new comics here - including the thrilling conclusion to Ghost in the Machine!  It had to end sooner or later, right?  Enjoy everything I've got here:
Awesome stuff, including a lot of new authors here.  Thanks to everyone who made a submission, and to everyone else, have fun and enjoy reading these comics!

November 2, 2005
11 New Animations!!

It's a new record for animations; I've never added 11 at one time before!

Now obviously, there's a long list of people to thank.  I'll start off with JimboLimbo, who's submitted several RPG Maker games but this is his first animation, as well as Foot_of_adhesive_tape, who hasn't submitted content before this.  Next, thanks to Victor Fiori and TimsMK - both of their animations credit either me or this site.  Also, Ultimate Ryu submitted some Flash content for the first time, having already submitted the most animations to this site, albeit they were GIF's.  And let's not forget Deadly Dragon who uses a pretty cool custom background, and AceKombat, who's applied some really nice rotation techniques.  I always say this, but fantastic job, all of you guys!