The Kombat Pavilion

October 31, 2004
Comics and Stuff

Alright, some new comics by myself and others!  Check em out:

October 30, 2004
New WinAmp Skin

Heh, time for a new WinAmp skin:

Made by Total MK for MK Online, and ready for you to download.  Enjoy!

October 30, 2004
2 MK Animations

Here's another couple animations!

Thanks to RageOfScorpion for "Stik Kombat" - it's been a while since I've seen an MK stick animation!  And many thanks go to Ultimate Ryu for Ermac's Hara-Kiri - I love seeing MKD concepts being brought to the old-school MK games.  Great job, both of you!

October 29, 2004
My Return...Again

This time, I returned from Chicago, where the rest of the MK Online guys and I visited Midway Games.  Needless to say, I had a blast.  I showed my comics to Ed Boon, and got a chuckle out of him.  He actually recognized when I used graphics from other games such as Altered Beast and Super Mario All-Stars.  There should be some pictures and video of our trip soon enough.  But as I said, we had a blast, and as everyone knows from reading MKO already, we conducted the whole Fight Night chat while we were there.  Enough rambling, check out the latest comic submissions I received:

October 21, 2004
2 MK Animations

Here's a couple new animations - enjoy:

Thanks to both Blood_Reign and Victor Fiori for these new Flashes!

October 20, 2004
Comic Supplements

Here's some cool bios/ads/posters and other miscellaneous stuff, that I and others have made to supplement our comics:

October 18, 2004
Couple Comics

Here's a lot of comics:Yeah, it's a lot, that's what happens when I don't add comics for a while!

October 16, 2004
MK Plot FAQ Update, MKD Comics Site Launched

Wow, 2 awesome new updates!  First, there will be MK: Deception comics - yay!  Check out their official site, courtesy of WAM Entertainment.  Second, there is an update to the MK Plot Canon FAQ.  So, to summarize:

October 13, 2004
2 MK Animations

Here's a couple great new animations!  Check these out:

Another great job by returning animation champion Didier R. Collard (also known as d_collard) for another excellent Mortal Kombat/Donkey Kong Country crossover!  Also, congrats to Deadly Dragon for MK2 Brutal, which must have taken a while.  Thanks to both of you for your submissions!

October 6, 2004
Project: Ogmorth Bios

Here are a bunch of bios from my comic series, Project Ogmorth, and just my comics in general.  Enjoy!

October 5, 2004
Couple Comics

Here's some more comics:Now go back to playing MKD ;)

October 4, 2004
Test Your Might

MK Deception comes out today! MK Online comes back today! Anyway, check out this great interactive Flash game based on MK1's Test Your Might game, purposely released today to coincide with MKD's release:

As always, check out any other animations while you're browsing. Enjoy, guys!

October 2, 2004
Some More Comics

Here's some more comics:

October 1, 2004
New Animation

Check out this animation by returning animator Black Ermac:

Also, be sure you check out more of his stuff by looking at the rest of the animations!