The Kombat Pavilion

October 28, 2005
Three New MK Videos

Wow, great stuff:

Thanks to fellow Newgrounds authors Smosh and FuzzyNavel for these great submission!

P.S. Due to Hurricane Wilma, probably no updates for a long time.

October 21, 2005
Important Comics

Alright, a lot of comics, including some very important mentions.  Check out the MKSM comic made by Ctrl+Alt+Del, currently a featured comic, and also The Shirt Ninja has returned with a couple comics.  Both authors have created comics that revolve around MK Shaolin Monks, which is just what we're all in mood for.  I'm back at it again, and so are a bunch of my favorite authors, so without further ado check out the list:
If you don't read each and every comic (though, you should) at least read one by each author.  These are all really great; fantastic job, everyone!

October 15, 2005
Nine Great Animations

Hooray, you'll love 'em:

Thanks again to all the animations contributors!  That means you, returning animators Deadly Dragon, Ultimate Ryu, WeaponLord and Arctic!  You too, animating rookies Y-Disciple and Cyrax29!  Great job, all of you.

October 12, 2005
Awkward Sorcerer

Read this article my brother wrote about his comic, The Awkward Sorcerer.  He's got new info on his strip, like deleted scenes and stuff.  Check out his article here.

While you're at it, just check out the rest of his site, too.  He's got funny articles and stuff.  Go here: Gigantic Bat

October 7, 2005

Hey, guys.  Good news and bad news.  The good news is, the first update here in a while, and there's tons of comics!  The bad news is, I'm not one of the authors this time around.  (I'll get back to Ghost in the Machine soon enough, don't you worry.)
Congratulations to both authors, and happy reading to everyone!

October 5, 2005
I'm Back

Hey guys, back from Fight Night!  The updates are gonna pick up around here again.  In the mean time, I just have to brag for a second.  Got a chance to show a lot of the MKSM team the latest Konquest of the Kamidogu episode (currently episode 7, but 8 will come, eventually).  Check out these pics, which took place immediately after Fight Night:

Pictured are me and Ed Boon, other people who got to see it include Shaun Himmerick, Barclay Smith, Adam Phul, John Edwards, and Reilly Brennan.

To see the transcript of Fight Night and more pics from the event, click here.