The Kombat Pavilion

October 25, 2009
More Beats of Rage

OK, as if the Flash games last week weren't enough, Magggas was gracious enough to send in his Beats of Rage mod titled “MK Unlimited”.  This may be the best one yet, because of the addition of a playable Sub-Zero (complete with his Ice Blast), weapons, and more.

So thanks again to Magggas, and everyone in the OpenBOR community for making this possible!

October 16, 2009
Let The Games Begin

OK, time for another couple quick games.  There is a really fun RPG/card game called "Kombat Fighters" - though the only MK character in it is Scorpion, you gotta admire the engine and the programming behind this.  There's also a quiz where you can test your knowledge of the MK universe.  Check 'em both out:

So thanks go to both LWin and Mortis5000 for these fun little Flash games.  Until next time, Kombat fans!