Pac Kombat

It was destined to happen. Two of the most famous videogames converge. While the gameplay is a little lacking, this game is rather fun and quite amusing. Be sure to read the docs to see how to execute the secret moves.

That was how Pac Kombat was described back when Tim Crist, a.k.a. =ShoEboX=, of StupidSoft first created it, back in 1996. While this piece of freeware is still playable even today, modern computers can't seem to display it 100% correctly, giving off a kind of annoying flickering effect. Still, it's interesting and enjoyable to see what dedicated Mortal Kombat fans were putting together. Though it was unfinished, as the author never did include sound or Fatalities as originally planned, it still managed to win the "Pac-Clone of the Month" Award in April 1998 as well as the Dan Award.


Pac Kombat 0.1 - 135 KB


Pac Kombat Readme by =ShoEboX= - includes all the special moves
Pac Kombat Bios


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