The Kombat Pavilion

September 28, 2004
My Return

Well, I'm back.  Where was I?  Let's see... ripping tons of new content for fellow Network Site MK Warehouse - check out their latest backgrounds, sprites, animated props, etc.  There was also Hurricane Jean to deal with (luckily, I'm safe, and so is my home).  So now I'm back from all that, here's the latest comics that people sent in while I was away:

September 21, 2004
3 New Animations

Got 3 new animations:

Thanks to returning animators Black Ermac and Torchia for their latest contributions!

September 20, 2004
MK Comics

And the MK sprite comics for today are:

September 19, 2004
6 New Animations

Wow, six new animations this time...  The funny thing is, 2 of them are Sub-Zero's MKD Fatality done in MKII!  Check out this big update:

Thanks to Black Ermac, Deadly Dragon, WeaponLord who sent in 2 animations, each!

September 18, 2004
More MK Sprite Komics

Yep, more MK comics....  Have fun!

September 16, 2004
3 New Animations

Got 3 new animations:

Thanks to Deadly Dragon and newcomer Black Ermac for their 2 Fatalities...  And enjoy the trailer for "Kill Mileena" by JoRdAnMaN.

September 15, 2004
More-tal Komics

Yep, more MK comics....  including a couple from me, for my series the King of Puns!  Enjoy:

September 14, 2004
MKO Contest Animations

Not too long ago, Mortal Kombat Online had an animation contest.  There were seven entries total, including my own animation debut.  Haven't seen them before?  No problem, check these out:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest for these incredible MK animations!

September 13, 2004
2 MK Animations

Here's a couple great new animations!  Check these out:

Thanks to xXARCHAONXx and Setter for these excellent pieces of work!  It's great to see Fatalities and other MKD concepts recreated as animations with MKII sprites.

September 12, 2004
King of Puns

My new comic series, the King of Puns, has begun.  Here are the first 5 in this new series:
Oh, and it gets much tougher with such great competition lately.  Check out these other great sprite comics:

September 10, 2004
3 New Animations

Long time favorite Setter is at it again, with 3 new animations:

The focus is on violence, as always (well, the focus of one is humor).  Definitely improving, as he's added a cool looking custom background to one of them as well.  In other news, Deadly Dragon's animation, Ultimate MK Brutal has just been 100% completed as well.  Great job, guys!

September 8, 2004
Kombat Komic Kraze

Uh-oh, those initials don't look too good. O_o  Anyway, lots and lots of MK Sprite Comics were being made while I was gone.  Here are the best ones:

September 8, 2004
Two MK Animations

Here's a couple new animations for today:

Excellent job, Deadly Dragon, for Ultimate MK Brutal.  Congratulations to Torchia who did great in handling a remake of one of SubScorpTile's animations in Flash!

September 7, 2004
Update to MK Plot Canon Guide

Pardon the lack of updates around here, you may have noticed (if you visited MK Online or MK Warehouse recently) that I was away in London covering the latest MKD news at Game Stars Live.  I also had a hurricane and power outages to deal with when I returned home.  I'm back now, and will post new comics and animations here soon.  In the mean time, Gavok has sent me the latest version of The Mortal Kombat Plot Canon Guide, the most excellent breakdown of the MK story ever. Check it out!