The Kombat Pavilion

September 27, 2005
Fight Night

Hey, guys...

Just a quick update to let you guys know about the MK Shaolin Monks Fight Night (Developer Chat) happening soon.  I will be visiting the Midway L.A. office to help orchestrate this event for Mortal Kombat Online, and we'd love to have you there.  The chat will be on at 9 P.M. EST on Monday, October the 3rd.  Be there early.  To visit the chat, set up your IRC client (such as mIRC) to the following:
Channel: #mortalkombat

Or, if you don't have an IRC client, you can get in there through a Java applet.  Click either here or here to join the Java chat.

Oh yeah.  Read the press release here. Ask your own questions that can be answered by the MKSM team here.

Back to normal updates around here once Fight Night is over!

September 17, 2005
Just Got Shaolin Monks

Hey, guys.  Good news and bad news.  The good news is that, as the subject says, I just got Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks!  The bad news is, I'm not going to be updating this site for like, 2 weeks.  I'm just gonna be playing this game to my heart's content.  So definitely get this game as soon as humanly possible so you can enjoy it, too, and updates will resume here at a later date.

You're still welcome to send any comics and animations to me, however just don't expect to see them here for a little while.  Ciao!

Okay, I will show you these latest comics I made, but that's it:
Alright, enjoy my latest comics while I enjoy MKSM!

September 14, 2005
Scorpion RPG

Hey, check out this new game I found on Newgrounds earlier:

Yeah, some of those sprites were ripped by me for MK Warehouse, I could tell.  Anyway, while this game could use a little improvement, it's a great start, and I definitely see a lot of potential here.  Check it out, it won't take too long to play through it either!

September 11, 2005
Shadaloo's Comics - Untitled Kombat Project

Regrettably, some of the comics made by one of the better authors here, Shadaloo, were missing until today.  Shadaloo and I have since solved this mystery and gotten all of his old comics back here on the site.  Here are the ones that were missing before:
Now, you should really this whole series in order by going here.  Sorry about the mix-up, everyone, and be sure to check out this series!

September 8, 2005
Four Fantastic Animations

These FOUR new animations are FANTASTIC.  (Yes, I loved the Fantastic Four movie.)

Another great job almost single-handedly by Ultimate Ryu, and let's not forget Blordow over at Revival Eyes for these latest submissions, which are just excellent!

September 6, 2005
MK Komic Fest

Sweet.  New comics.
Please enjoy this latest batch of Mortal Kombat comics, especially the ones by me ;)

September 3, 2005
Raiden Knock-Knock Joke Used At YTMND

Someone either really likes or really hates the Mortal Kombat Knock-Knock joke with Raiden (created by both me and my brother). Someone made a YTMND site out of it.

Raiden likes jokes.
Too bad he sucks at them.

Although, really, you have to admit that joke was clever.  Thanks to JacksonBriggs for the info!

September 1, 2005
The Real Mortal Kombat (Episode 2)

I don't normally update just for one animation, but for one like this, it's worth it.  Check out the long-awaited second installment of "The Real Mortal Kombat":

The coolest thing is that the author, DiceP, tells me that episode 3 is on its way!  All right, party time!