The Kombat Pavilion

September 30, 2006
MK Comics AND Animations

Hello all you ]{0MBATANTS out there.  A special treat for everyone today - We're posting comics AND animations in one sweet update.  So let's start by reading the comics:
And of course, the animations:

I'd like to thank everyone who submitted these animations, including those who have submitted animations before - Arctic, Jimbo Limbo, NaujZurcLeicam, Ultimate Ryu, and WeaponLord - and lets thank people who are submitting, and in some cases creating, animations for the first time such as digitalxmaster, by Herman Dameron, Monk_09, and Vampires_love. Great job, everyone!  Hope you all enjoy this update.

September 24, 2006
New Intro

Alright, a new intro:

Thanks to Arctic for this latest piece of work.  More stuff coming soon!

September 22, 2006
A New Font

Here's something I just happened across recently, and thus I included it here.  A user by the name of Biohazard EXTREME has recently created a font using the Outworld lettering shown in MK Shaolin Monks which can be used to translate secret messages hidden throughout the game.  So check it out:

Also, more comics and animations coming soon, including the return of 8-Bit Konquest.

September 15, 2006
Reptile "Officially" Makes Puns!

Here's something funny I came across on Reptile's page on WikiPedia:

This was especially hilarious to me, as they are referring to Reptile's making puns in my comics as well as to a side mission in MKD's Konquest mode involving Reptile which never happened, except in a fake pic I made, which apparently someone believed.

More updates coming soon!

September 9, 2006
More MK Sprite Comics

Here's a bunch more comics for ya:
]{0MBAT Out.

September 2, 2006

Here's another whopping 11 animations, and some of these are going to be among the best you've ever seen.  Some of the funniest, the most well-animated, the goriest, the sickest - you name it, it's in this update.  Enjoy!

I'd like to thank returning animations like Jimbo Limbo, NickScryer, TimsMK, Ultimate Ryu, and Y-Disciple as well as brand new animators like MpGrill and NaujZurcLeicam for these most excellent Flash animations and animated GIF's!!