The Kombat Pavilion

September 25, 2007

After two years of production, the movie Press Start has been completed and is available to order.  Press Start is a videogame parody movie With special appearances by game actors Daniel Pesina and Carlos Pesina from Mortal Kombat and music by videogame composer Jake Kaufman from Contra 4.  Check it out:

I can't stress this enough – this movie is must-see viewing for all video game fanatics, not just Mortal Kombat fanatics.  Order it right away.

September 17, 2007

Yes, once again – it's time for a comic update!  Even though I haven't posted a comic in about a year (no time for one; since I was working on a game!), I just busted out with three of them, in the style of The Shujinko Game, to promite the game:
Thanks again to everyone who submitted comics, and who knows, maybe more soon?

September 9, 2007
Contact Info

I decided to give my Contact Info page a complete rehaul.  Not only can you view my info for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ, but now you can also view my accounts on such sites as DeviantART, MySpace, Newgrounds, and of course, Mortal Kombat Online.