Back in the day, someone by the name of Jenn Dolari created an awesome game called SFJenn. It was like Street Fighter II, with Kitana and Mileena in it. I later found that this was actually a hack of another game (called something like SFIBM or SFLiu) but it doesn't matter. This is still an amazing game and I'm impressed with Jenn's skills for doing it.

The story to the game was written before MK3's story was finalized, which is why it doesn't make PERFECT sense with the MK universe. However, it is an awesome story nonetheless, it's much more thought out than most fan games. I believe this is the ONLY Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat crossover to even have a story.

The story, special moves, list of updates, and frequently asked questions are all available in the readme file, included with the game and also available here.

This game was made for MS-DOS, and although it is playable in Windows, you will have a much better experience if you can play in an actual DOS environment.

Download SFJenn v1.5 - 2980 KB
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SFJenn v1.5 Readme


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