Shinnok's Amulet: The Complete Saga



Hey, what’s going on guys. This is tabmok99 – back today with another Mortal Kombat video. And this time, we’ll be discussing the most powerful item in the entire Mortal Kombat universe. That’s right, I’m talking about the Amulet—

No, wait, wrong one.

I’m talking about Shinnok’s Amulet. That’s right—Shinnok’s Amulet is the most powerful item that Mortal Kombat has ever conceived of.

In Mortal Kombat 4, they place an icon of Shinnok’s Amulet under the lifebar to indicate how many rounds you’ve won.

And in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, when you create your profile, you can choose any of the characters, or the Mortal Kombat dragon logo itself. And one other thing: Shinnok’s Amulet.

In Mortal Kombat: Deception, they added a lot more choices. But one thing they had to keep was Shinnok’s Amulet.

And it was the same deal with Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Yep, it was just that important to the lore, that they had to include it in all three of the 3D-era games.

So what’s the fuss all about? What is this Amulet exactly, and where did it come from?

It all started back in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. The instruction manual says the

Amulet harnesses the four key elements that compose the nature of earth. It was created by the former Elder God, Shinnok, and was used as a key for unbalancing the Earth’s furies during his ancient battle with Earth’s protector, Rayden.

Flip ahead a few pages and they go into it further.

Thousands of years ago, [the Elder God Shinnok] gave into greed and illusions of false power [if he could gain control of the Earthrealm. This is what would lead to the battle with Rayden.] Rayden soon discovered that Shinnok entered the realm through the powers of a mystical amulet. It allowed Shinnok to enter the realm without challenge and keep the other Elder Gods from intervening. The amulet could only be created once, and Rayden stripped it from Shinnok’s possession. With the aid of the true Elder gods, he banished the fallen god into a place known as the Netherealm. Rayden buried the amulet deep within the mountains of Asia. He then created a massive temple within the mountain to house the amulet and appointed four guardians as the protectors of Shinnok’s sacred amulet. Each guardian represents one of the four elements that make up the realm; Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire. As long as the amulet remained on Earth, Shinnok would be trapped, forced to remain dormant for the rest of eternity.

So where is this temple, exactly?

According to the Mortal Kombat 4 comic, it’s in China.

CAPTION: Several days later on Earth, Sub-Zero returns to China to the ancient Temple of the Elements. The temple’s location is secret, but Sub-Zero learned how to find it from his older brother, the original Sub-Zero.

See? It says right there.

But according to Quan Chi, it’s in Nepal.

For thousands of years, the Temple of Elements has been hidden in what is now known as the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal.

Now luckily, I have here The Map of Elements. We’re going to need this if we’re ever going to find that temple. This map is the only evidence of its existence.

I’m still confused.

Sub-Zero gets the map, no problem, and uses it to find the temple. There, he defeats the God of Wind, the God of Water, the God of Earth, the God of Fire, and the God of War. Uh... scratch that last one.

Just as he’s about to claim the Amulet, look who shows up.

Quan Chi: The amulet... I have Shinnok’s amulet!

Sub-Zero: Whose amulet?

Quan Chi: He is my deity, ruler of the Netherealm and soon destroyer of your Earthrealm.

Sub-Zero: What are you talking about?

Quan Chi: This amulet—it is the key to Shinnok’s power as an Elder God. When returned to him, he will regain his powers and be freed from the confines of the Netherealm.

Sub-Zero: I thought Shao Kahn was—

Quan Chi: Shao Kahn is nothing but a peasant ruler of a long dead realm. Shinnok is the destroyer of ALL realms. Including Kahn’s Outworld!

Sub-Zero: “Destroyer of all realms...”? You are insane. That amulet isn’t worth the bronze it’s molded from.

Quan Chi: Believe what you will, Sub-Zero. Good-bye... ninja. Sub-Zero watches as the energy dissipates into nothing.

Then, suddenly, a blue bolt of electricity strikes the ground with thunderous fury. A new shape begins to form...But this time it’s the god of thunder, RAYDEN.

Rayden: Do you realize what you’ve done?

Sub-Zero: I was just earning my living.

Rayden: Your clan’s ignorance and greed will cost this entire realm. You now have to set things straight.

Sub-Zero: Quan Chi could simply be a lunatic sorcerer. I never heard of an elder god named Shinnok or of a place called the Netherealm.

Rayden: You’d better start believing in both, because you’re going to the Netherealm and you’re going to bring back the amulet. We must act quickly. I have no dominion in the Netherealm... You are reality’s only hope.

Sub-Zero: I’ll do it, Thunder God... only because I don’t have choice.

Rayden: Then stand back...

Rayden prepares to open a portal into the Netherealm. Lightning and warped space converge as he points his staff at the center of the portal’s surging energy.

Rayden: This is a portal into the Netherealm. Once through, follow Quan Chi and try to get the amulet before he gives it to Shinnok. I also have this advice... beware the Brothers of the Shadow. The Netherealm is a place for lost souls. If you fail, your soul will join theirs... as well as all the souls in this entire realm.

Sub-Zero charges through the portal.

Quan Chi takes it back to the Netherealm, where he informs Sub-Zero he gave it to Shinnok.

Quan Chi: If you’re still looking for the amulet, you can find it at the Pyramid’s apex... around Shinnok’s neck. You’ve arrived a little late.

So after fighting Quan Chi and Shinnok, Sub-Zero grabs the amulet and gives it back to Rayden, thus saving Earthrealm.

Shinnok: No! The amulet! Noooo!

Shinnok morphs into his demon form, as Sub-Zero escapes through a portal behind him.

He lands with a thud onto the rocky floor at Rayden’s feet. Smoke billows from his body as he struggles to get up. Out of breath, he does his best to speak.

Sub-Zero: Here... the amulet.

Rayden: Impressive, Sub-Zero. Perhaps you’ll reconcile your reckless past after all.

Sub-Zero: That’s it? Not even a thank you?

Rayden: Thank yourself for undoing a problem you created.

And if you look at the item’s description while it’s in your inventory, it says, “This amulet is Shinnok’s key into the Earth Realm.”

So by taking this amulet back, Sub-Zero managed to save the entire Earth, and prevent Shinnok from ever leaving his confines in the Neatherealm. Or did he? Because in Mortal Kombat 4, Quan Chi reveals that he pulled the ol’ switcheroo!

Shinnok: As payment for your loyal services Quan Chi, I grant you the gift of your existence.

Quan Chi: My existence?!

Shinnok: Understand, sorcerer, I consume all energies including the life forces of all that live... but I shall spare you.

Quan Chi: If it weren’t for me, you would still be a tortured soul rotting in the pits of the Netherralm!

Shinnok: You dare question me?

Quan Chi: I do more than question you Shinnok... I challenge you!

Shinnok: Then you shall die!

*attacks Quan Chi! Nothing happens*

Shinnok: What?!

Quan Chi: Your powers are useless against me.

Shinnok: How can this be?!

Quan Chi: I am in possession of your once sacred amulet. Years ago, I delivered to you an exact duplicate while I retained the original. I even fooled Raiden. Now I am ruler supreme and you, Elder God, are finished!

Shinnok: Nooooooooo!

*Quan Chi blows up Shinnok with the amulet*

So as we all know, the endings are just what-if scenarios. They show what would happen if that person were to win. So unless Quan Chi was the winner, then his ending never happened. But, remember that the parts of the ending that recap the past, those elements of the past—those actually did happen. So when Quan Chi says he switched the Amulet back during Mythologies when no one was looking, and he kept the real one, he means it! That actually did happen! But as far as the part where he confronts Shinnok, and tells him everything that he did—well, let’s just say that this encounter never took place.

Liu Kang: This encounter never took place.

Gee, thanks Liu.

So in the next game, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Quan Chi’s Amulet looks pretty different. It doesn’t look anything like it did in the other games leading up to this.

DenialSo, what is going on here? I mean, there’s no way that’s Shinnok’s Amulet.
AngerThey messed it up so bad! How could they do that?
BargainingMaybe somebody in the community can go back and change his costume, and fix it!
DepressionOh, there is no fixing it. They just messed up so bad.
AcceptanceEh, it is what it is, I guess.

That aside MK Deadly Alliance does move the story forward quite a bit. The

two Oni, Moloch and Drahmin, presented [Quan Chi with] ancient information regarding his amulet.

This new information, enscribed on tablets, detailed the amulet’s purpose and how to control it. Quan Chi used the information to escape from the Netherealm through a cloaked Realm Gateway without his Oni companions.

Let’s go ahead and see how that looked.

It is now known that the sorcerer Quan Chi has escaped from the Netherealm.

In the alternate bio for Drahmin, it says that

Drahmin had led Quan Chi to a structure that housed the remnants of ancient tablets and runestones dating back to the creation of the realms. Quan Chi’s eye was caught by a tablet with an image that bore a striking resemblance to his amulet. The engraved writing revealed the amulet’s hidden power to control inter-realm portals. Breaking his promise, Quan Chi betrayed Moloch and Drahmin and used the amulet to escape the Netherealm without them. Unknown to Quan Chi, however, the two Oni also escaped and are now thirsty for revenge.

And can you blame them? I mean, they go out of their way to track down Quan Chi, and present him with all this extra cool information about this amulet and how to use it to traverse the realms, and the first thing he does is escape through a portal and try to abandon his compatriots. That’s just a bad move. I mean Quan Chi could have used it to start off with a couple of henchmen on his side. And instead, when Drahmin and Moloch escaped—and they did, unbeknownst to Quan Chi—the first thing they’re going to do is seek revenge. Just a bad move, Quan Chi. Bad move.


Quan Chi had discovered that the amulet he stole from the Elder God, Shinnok, was in fact a key to manipulate inter-realm portals. Quan Chi pledged to unlock a portal to The Heavens to allow Shang Tsung to feed from the limitless souls of that realm.

And that’s basically what Quan Chi was bringing to the table when he formed the Deadly Alliance with Shang Tsung. Quan Chi would use the amulet to open a portal to the heavens and feed Shang Tsung a never ending supply of souls.

Oh, and there’s one other thing. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi cast a spell so they could control the mummified army of the Dragon King. They must obey “he who possesses the amulet” – which Kano used in his non-canon ending to control the army for a while.

And in Mortal Kombat Deception’s Konquest mode, one of the missions has Shujinko retrieve the amulet for Shinnok, after it’s been lost for a while. This is a nice little nod to Quan Chi’s MK4 ending.

Shinnok: Greetings, mortal. I am Shinnok. I was unjustly imprisoned in this realm many ages ago. I seek a lost amulet -- my means of escape. The sorcerer Quan Chi sent word that he had left it somewhere in this city. I will grant you a large sum of koins if you return it to me.

Find Quan Chi’s amulet for Shinnok.

Of course, if you read the item description, you can tell it’s a fake amulet.

Fake Quan Chi’s Amulet

Shinnok is searching for this mysterious amulet.

Shinnok: Excellent! You have found my amulet, though it seems somehow... different. Take these koins as your reward. When next we meet, I will no doubt be supreme ruler of all the realms. I will remember your service to me.

Mortal Kombat Deception introduced a lot of other things to the lore, like the One Being and the Kamidogu—weapons forged by the Elder Gods to destroy the One Being. And at one point, Raiden specifically explains that Shinnok’s Amulet is NOT a Kamidogu.

Raiden: Greetings, Champion. I have need of your assistance.

Shujinko: Raiden! Whatever I can do to help you, do not hesitate to ask. My time in the Netherrealm is concluded.

Raiden: Shang Tsung has allied with another sorcerer, Quan Chi, who has escaped from the Netherrealm.

Shujinko: Escaped! I had just seen him there!

Raiden: Quan Chi possesses an item created by the Elder Gods -- an amulet that acts like a key. He understands only a fraction of its potential, but enough to use it to escape from Hell.

Shujinko: Is it a Kamidogu?

Raiden: It is not a Kamidogu, but it is connected to them by its function. I am surprised that you would not know of it.

By the end of Konuqest Mode, Shujinko’s collected all the Kamidogu for Onaga. And the one piece that’s missing is Shinnok’s Amulet.

Shujinko: I have defeated him! Now I am free to complete my quest.

Shujinko: I do not understand! The Kamidogu should have been transported to the Elder Gods. Why is it not happening?

Onaga: Because you have not completely finished the quest.

Shujinko: Who... What are you?

Onaga: Ah, yes... Familiar words. Perhaps this will help you to understand...

Shujinko: Damashi! What has he done to you? Let him go!

Onaga: Shujinko, please save me! Old fool! Damashi does not exist! The avatar you see before you is merely a projection of my consciousness! I manipulated this astral puppet from beyond the boundaries of death -- and in turn, manipulated you. I deceived you into bringing me the means of attaining ultimate mastery over reality.

Shujinko: So it seems that I have indeed known you all these years. Then by what name shall I call you now? Tell me who you really are, demon!

Onaga: I am Onaga, the Dragon King of Outworld and soon to be ruler of all that exists! I must thank you for bringing me so much power. The Kamidogu... are mine.

Shujinko: You may have them. They do nothing. You have wasted your time. Nothing happened when I placed them all on the altar.

Onaga: Not all... If you had found the last piece, the altar would have transported them to the Elder Gods. But the last piece is currently in Outworld in the possession of a fool sorcerer. I will deal with him later. For now, I will take these artifacts you have so dutifully collected for me. I’m afraid they will not make it into the hands of the Elder Gods after all. And so, Shujinko, your quest is done. Prepare for death!

Shujinko: The Dragon King has not emerged from the portal! Perhaps he has lost interest in pursuing me... More likely he has gone to Outworld and will confront the sorcerer who possesses the last remaining object.

Konquest Mode ends right where the intro begins. With Onaga claiming the amulet for himself.

Shujinko: Now Onaga has what he needs to shape the realms as he sees fit. I was the fool who brought him this power.

So what happens after Deception? What happens with Mortal Kombat Armageddon? Here’s where I think things start to go a little off the rails.

For Shinnok’s weapon style, he’s got the Amulet Staff. They literally beat you over the head with the fact that Shinnok is in possession of his amulet, but they never quite say how. But we know from the limited number of MK Armageddon bios that have been released online that NIghtwolf was successful in separating Reptile’s body from Onaga’s soul, which means that Onaga was no longer in possession of his amulet once that soul transfer took place. So, presumably Shinnok got it after that.

We’re never told how it ends up in the hands of Shinnok, or if his amulet’s even the real one—maybe it’s still that fake that Quan Chi made. Quan Chi’s still got whatever that thing is that he wore in Deadly Alliance, so I don’t think he had anything to do with this.

So we’re a little short on some of the details here. Another thing that drove me nuts is when they started calling it Quan Chi’s Amulet. Like in Konquest Mode, it’s one of the relics that Taven can pick up.

I mean, look, Shinnok was the one who created it, so it’s Shinnok’s Amulet, just by virtue of the fact that it was his to begin with. It doesn’t become Quan Chi’s Amulet just because Quan Chi happens to take it for a while, anymore than it’s tabmok99’s Amulet now that I’ve got it! tabmok99’s Amulet... you know, I actually like the sound of that!

It’s also worth going over the ending for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. After you defeat Shao Kahn, this happens.

Raiden walks off, and Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Cage, and Kitana follow behind him. The people continue to cheer as they surround them. But unbeknownst to them all, the sorcerer Quan Chi was among the spectators. He kneels down and picks up an amulet from the floor... Shinnok’s Amulet... and he laughs in victory...

So if you’re looking for an explanation as to what that was all about, let’s go back to the Mortal Kombat Online Fight Night from 2005.

I was there at Midway LA (formerly known as Paradox) sitting right next to Ed Boon, and across from Shaun Himmerick. In the chat, we asked them some story-related questions.

<Scott-Howell> One other story question, this from Anyanka (and many others). Somehow it seemed like Shao Kahn had the amulet for a while and then Quan Chi got it from him. Is this what happened? Because Quan Chi had the amulet since MKM, this ending confused a lot of people.

<Shaun-Himmerick> Noob will field this one...

<Ed-Boon> This is Ed here again, There are a LOT of events in the MK timeline that have not been told. Just because Quanchi found an amulet doesn’t mean it was the first time he found it. Nor does it mean it was the SAME amulet

<Ed-Boon> we may clear up that mystery in a future MK game.....until then....that will REMAIN a mystery.   Ed Boon

Well I don’t know if it was mystery as much as it was a mistake, but we’ll let that slide. And you know, a lot of fans have just decided to regard Shaolin Monks as non-canon, and it’s a lot easier that way.

Speaking of non-canon, remember Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe? Quan Chi just wore that amulet out in the open. And no one said anything about it. It doesn’t seem to bother Raiden in the least that Quan Chi has the most powerful item in the Mortal Kombat universe. Which, actually, doesn’t even seem all that powerful here. Quan Chi was totally helpless at one point, and the amulet doesn’t seem to do much more him.

Quan Chi: I’ve used the last of my power to purge her of the rage. I am at your mercy, Raiden.

Raiden: Why would you do this?

Quan Chi: To win your trust.

And with the Mortal Kombat (2011) reboot, it seemed to pretty much work the same way. Quan Chi wears that amulet right in front of Raiden, and he doesn’t say a damn thing about it.

Shang Tsung: Kombatants! Only one Earthrealm warrior remains.

Raiden nods and Kung Lao places his hand on Kang’s shoulder. They nod to one another.

Shang Tsung: The Shaolin Liu Kang. Is he ready to bear such a heavy burden?

Earthrealm’s fate is in his hands. Your opponent will be... Scorpion!

The hellspawn ninja appears in a flash of fire. Liu Kang assumes a fighting stance.

Liu Kang: I do not fear you, demon.

Shang Tsung: Fighting with Scorpion... the sorcerer Quan Chi!

Quan Chi teleports through a portal, laughing as he does so.

So it seems like they went from one extreme to the other. They went from making up a new power for the amulet every single game, to forgetting about it completely. But with Mortal Kombat X, they brought Shinnok’s Amulet front and center. Right off the bat, they introduce a new concept: that Raiden and Fujin are able to imprison Shinnok inside his own amulet.

In the new timeline, Shinnok’s invasion circa MK4 went a little something like this.

Two cloudy shadows shaped like large hands begin to glide toward them. As the shadows encircle them both, Raiden realizes what they are and jumps back with Fujin in the nick of time, as the shadows form into skeletal hands that clasp the air where they were standing just before. The gigantic hands unfold to present the fallen Elder God known as Shinnok.

Shinnok: You see it now, Raiden... Your legacy. You poison their hearts with hope.

Raiden: And what do you offer? The same as you did millennia ago--when you betrayed your fellow Elder Gods and attacked Earthrealm. We stopped you then. Imprisoned you in the Netherrealm. We will do so again.

Shinnok: Remove the shadow from the light, the shadow grows. The legacy of life is death, Raiden. My followers accept this, and live on. They fight for me.

As the shadow clouds come around Shinnok, the revenants and Quan Chi charge into battle. Kabal buries his hookswords into Raiden’s shoulders and places a foot in his chest, trying to tear his arms clean off his body. Raiden grabs the weapons and charges them with lightning, electrocuting Kabal. He follows through with a crescent kick, causing Kabal to backflip from the force and crash hard on his front.

Quan Chi charges in, and Raiden avoids his kicks and punches, managing to strike him in the kidney, then the face, before kicking him in the stomach and punching him away. The sorcerer rallies and summons a snake-like skeleton with a human skull, which he shoots toward Raiden. The skull latches onto Raiden’s face with it’s teeth, then wraps it’s body around him. With the thunder god incapacitated, Quan Chi uppercuts him on the chin, sending Raiden to the floor.

Fujin knocks the former Oni aside with a jump kick, then narrowly ducks a baton swipe from Stryker. He blocks another swipe, then lands a combination of punches that downs the revenant. Before he can close in, Sindel grabs him and unleashes a banshee scream point blank into his ear. The vibrations threaten to liquify Fujin’s head, but in the nick of time Raiden grabs Sindel and electrocutes her head, rendering her unconscious.

As Raiden nods to Fujin, they both ready themselves for Shinnok’s onslaught. The fallen Elder God now holds his amulet, which he uses to nonchalently blast Raiden and Fujin, sending them crashing through the wall behind them.

As the stone entrance crumbles at their impact, Raiden and Fujin are both on the floor at Shinnok’s mercy. Before them all is the Jinsei--a mysterious glowing blue energy that is Earthrealm’s life force.

Fujin: You will not touch the Jinsei!

Shinnok: Oh, I will. And all of Earthrealm will learn the truth... of Death.

He sends out another blast from his amulet. This one drags both the Earthrealm gods towards Shinnok. They are rendered helpless as the amulet seems poised to imprison them in it for eternity. But just before Raiden’s hand touches the amulet, Shinnok is kicked in the back by Johnny Cage, sending the amulet from his grasp and breaking the spell. The amulet clatters to the ground a good distance away from Shinnok, who faceplants on the chamber floor. Johnny strides cockily into the chamber, Sonya and Kenshi by his side.

Johnny: Oh, sorry ma’am. Didn’t see you there.

Shinnok brings himself up to his knees.

Shinnok: Miserable wretch! Insignificant speck of feculent scum! How dare you...!

He lets loose a magical blast that knocks Kenshi to the floor unconscious. Raiden spots the amulet as he and Fujin get to their feet, and he then locks eyes with Shinnok.

Shinnok: That is mine!

Raiden looses a lightning bolt, but Shinnok catches it in a magic blast and shoots out a corrupted red form of the bolt that strikes Fujin and knocks

him out. Sonya fires off an entire clip of ammunition from her assault rifle at Shinnok, who effortlessly creates a shield that deflects the

bullets. She throws the gun aside.

Sonya: Ready?

Johnny: As always.

They both charge Shinnok and engage in hand to hand kombat. Shinnok easily blocks and dodges their attacks, kicking them both in the stomach with the same leg in a motion impossible for a human. With them doubled over, he jumps up in a split kick that catches them both in the face. Sonya is knocked out of the fight, but Cage recovers quickly and charges in with more punches, all effortlessly blocked by Shinnok with one hand while he isn’t even facing Johnny.

Shinnok goes on the attack and strikes Johnny with a roundhouse kick, but Cage weathers it and lashes out with a kick to the side that staggers Shinnok. As he recovers, Shinnok levitates Johnny into the air with his magic and hurls him across the chamber. Johnny hits hard against the wall and is knocked out of the fight too.

Sonya and Raiden both charge for the amulet, but Shinnok holds his hand out, charged with red energy. The amulet blasts the two of them as they come close, knocking them away. Shinnok then blasts Sonya with a red lightning bolt, leaving her writhing on the chamber floor. Johnny rises in time to witness this.

Shinnok: She will be the first to join me. As he readies for a finishing blast with both hands, Johnny charges in, glowing green with his latent superpowers as he does so.

Johnny: No!

In slow motion, Shinnok blasts out his magic as Sonya raises one hand in desperation. Johnny dives in front of the blast, fully absorbing it. He them, to the amazement of both Sonya and Shinnok, rolls to his knees and rises without impediment, still glowing with green energy.

Johnny: I’m not sure what just happened to me.

The green glow fades as Johnny circles Shinnok, ready to fight.

Johnny: But I am sure of this: You don’t even think of hurting her!

In the comic, Johnny admires Sonya for taking a direct hit from the amulet. Although she didn’t—the amulet had actually been on the ground the whole time, when Shinnok hit her with his energy blast.

Johnny: You really are a fallen Elder God.

Shinnok slowly rises to his feet, clearly weakened by Cage’s assault. Nonetheless, he gets into a kombat stance as Johnny glows green once more, ready for battle. Raiden gets to one knee as this unfolds.

Raiden: Johnny Cage! The amulet!

The amulet is by Johnny’s feet. With Shinnok briefly unable to conjure up more magic, Johnny steps on it and flicks it backwards, right into Raiden’s hand.

Shinnok: No!

Johnny dodges aside as Raiden activates the amulet. The blast from it hits Shinnok just as he manages to fire off some magic from his hands. Despite his struggling, there is nothing Shinnok can do as he is slowly but surely dragged towards his amulet.

Shinnok: No!

With one final cry of anguish, Shinnok is sucked into his amulet. As Raiden pants in exhaustion, Johnny lowers his stance and allows himself a moment of triumph.

Johnny: Enjoy the new digs, Gramps.

Hearing Sonya stir, Johnny rushes to her side.

Johnny: Sonya?

Sonya: Johnny... Did we...

Johnny: Yeah. We got ‘im.

Sonya manages one last look of relief before falling unconscious in Johnny’s arms. Raiden walks up to them, holding the amulet.

Raiden: Remain here. The chamber’s properties will heal Sonya Blade in short order.

Kenshi and Fujin run up to Raiden.

Kenshi; Quan Chi and the others... They’re gone. A surge of power within the chamber overwhelmed my senses--

Fujin: We can deal with Quan Chi later, Kenshi.

Raiden: We’ve netted a bigger prize this day.

Kenshi: Shinnok’s Amulet...

He holds his hand toward it, telekinetically feeling its properties.

Kenshi: ...and within it...

Johnny: Ol’ Fishface himself.

Fujin: Let us take the amulet to the Elder Gods.

Raiden: They cannot destroy it. No one can.

Even though Raiden says no one can destroy the amulet, that doesn’t stop him from asking. He tells the Elder Gods, “No realm is safe until the Amulet of Shinnok is destroyed.” But the Elder Gods reply, “The amulet cannot be destroyed... Destroying the amulet would release Shinnok. That which binds him also protects him.”

So they decided to safeguard it by locking it within a dark dimension.

And the Kamidogu, reimagined now as daggers, would act as the key to unlock it.

Throughout the MKX comics, Havik goes on a mission to retrieve all six Kamidogu, as well as Shinnok’s Amulet. In fact these comics actually describe Shinnok’s Amulet as the seventh Kamidogu!

Now once Havik manages to get ahold of the Amulet, he releases, uh, well... havoc.

He goes around smashing walls, he even uses it to blow up a ship at one point, and as powerful as it is, it can be made even more so. At one point, Havik managed to capture Ermac, and was about to use his souls to supercharge the amulet! But he got interrupted when Takeda used his whip chain and cut his hand off. Yeah, that’ll put a damper on your plans.

Once Takeda got the amulet back, he found Raiden and gave it to him. Now because of the new non-aggression pact between Outworld and Earthrealm, Raiden presented it to both Kotal Kahn and Sonya and says he’ll entrust it to one of them. Kotal Kahn declines, as he’s too worried about the civil war with Mileena and can’t really promise that it would be safe. Now that’s important because later on, Kotal acts like Outworld was completely left out and didn’t have any opportunity to participate.

Kotal: How do I know you are not allied with Mileena? Perhaps her newfound power has earned her new friends?

Cassie: Friends? No. No! We’re not even sure that’s Shinnok’s Amulet she has--

Kotal: She employs Shinnok’s Amulet against me?! The very item Earthrealm swore would be safe in its care?! When Outworld was offered no participation--

That’s okay, because Sonya says Special Forces can protect it. They’ll put somewhere nobody can find it. Uh, Sonya, you’re gonna have to give a little bit more info than that. How much protection are we talkin’ here?

Sonya: The base, the vault, your wardings? S-F, Shaolin... No way anyone can get past all that.

Sounds good, but the thing is, eventually that amulet gets stolen.

Sonya: Raiden? What’d you find?

Raiden: Shinnok’s Amulet has been stolen. Replaced by an exquisite duplicate.

Sonya: Damn it.

So in the Civil War between Kotal and Mileena, it’s basically Mileena’s side that does all the work in getting this amulet. Especially Rain and Kano.

Yeah, Kano was the one who actually stole it...

Raiden: When Kano misappropriated Shinnok’s Amulet, he left behind a snare. Disabling it required that I travel to many strange realms... I must retire to the Jinsei Chamber.

Rain is the one who masterminded it...

D’Vorah: Why serve Mileena?

Rain: I advise her. Stealing the amulet was my genius. It kills her a bit each time she uses it.

And he’s pretty good at convincing Mileena to use it.

Rain: Stopping a carriage is nothing. Killing an emperor...

Mileena: FALSE emperor!

Rain: ...requires power. Power you have, Mileena. And won’t use.

Mileena begrudgingly pulls out what Rain is referring to - Shinnok’s Amulet.

Mileena: It pains me to use it, Rain. I need more time. The usurper’s excursion came too soon...

Rain: The rain falls when it may.

Creating a lot of refugees in the process.

Raiden: This is Li Mei. She seeks asylum for her people in Earthrealm.

Li Mei: Our village, Sun Do, was the epicenter of a fierce battle. We barely escaped with our lives.

Johnny: Such is war.

A moment of silence passes.

Johnny: I mean, no offense, but... you Outworlders kinda live for that, right?

Li Mei: This was different. The rebels, Mileena, had a weapon unlike anything... Entire battalions, erased. It was not honorable. Not kombat.

Raiden: Tell me more about the weapon.

Li Mei: A talisman. Gold, with a center jewel. Mileena wields its crimson energy without precision.

Cassie: Well that’s good then--

Sonya: Not now, Sergeant Cage--

Cassie looks downcast as Li Mei continues.

Li Mei: It is enough that she possesses it. It turns the tide in her favor. The emperor grows desperate. And those caught in the middle... pay the price.

Raiden: If this “talisman” is what I suspect it to be, we may all pay a price.

Kung Jin: We talking about Shinnok’s Amulet?

So when Special Forces gets wind of this, they try to work with Kotal Kahn and cooperate with him to get it back.

Kung Jin: Instead of your life, I claim your service.

Kotal looks up in surprise.

Kung Jin: If Mileena does have the amulet, we can get it from her more easily if we work together.

Unfortunately, Kotal says he can’t trust them to hold onto it anymore.

Cassie: With your leave, we’re gonna head back to Earthrealm. Put the amulet back where it belongs.

Kotal motions with his right hand, which glows with a dark blue light. Team S-F suddenly find themselves restrained at the waist, with their arms pinned to their sides, by the same blue light that has surrounded them each.

Cassie: The hell are you doing?!

Kotal stands up and walks toward her.

Kotal: Earthrealm cannot be trusted to protect the amulet. It will remain with me.

He takes the amulet from her.

Kung Jin: The Reiko Accords require that you--

Kotal: The Accords no longer concern me. But you may prove useful--when Raiden comes for this.

Two of Kotal’s soldiers take Team S-F by the shoulders, escorting them out of the tent. Kotal looks at the amulet in his hand, and behind him D’Vorah also looks to it.

Even worse, he’s got a double agent in his midst. Yeah, that’s right—D’Vorah’s transporting it for Kotal, then double-crosses him.

Soldier #1: Is there a problem?

D’Vorah: Two problems...

She sprays them both in the face with yellow resin generated from her hands. The venom in the spray overwhelms the soldiers and kills them within seconds. D’Vorah then breaks into the chest and retrieves Shinnok’s Amulet, grinning wickedly as she does so. She stands back up and exits the Kove.

Now D’Vorah’s timing here is impeccable. I mean, she manages to give it to Quan Chi at just the right moment. I love punctuality in a woman, don’t you?

So she delivers it to Quan Chi, and Quan Chi casts a spell to free Shinnok.

Hanzo yanks Quan Chi by the chain imbedded in him to a seated position. He’s still barely alive though, and holds his hands towards the amulet, chanting a dark spell in a Netherrealm tongue. In slow motion, D’Vorah throws the amulet to his outstretched arms, while Hanzo brings his ninjato down towards his neck. Just before the blade cuts into him, Quan Chi finishes the chant and grabs the amulet.

Quan Chi: noh ri noh... I ti stoh day... meezdik nykoma... nikon I ay... koda... humh...

An instant later, his head is sliced clean off his shoulders.

Now he dies immediately afterwards, but the stage has been set for Shinnok’s escape.

He throws down the headless corpse. Shinnok’s Amulet rolls to a stop on the ground... and erupts with dark purple energy and hellish fire. Shinnok’s form is faintly visible within the energies.

Johnny: Oh shit.

Sonya: (To the ninjas) Free us! Now!

They realize the situation has gone to hell and comply. The amulet finally stops dispelling energy, and its owner picks it off the ground in triumph.

D’Vorah: Shinnok.

Now things look bad with Shinnok once again on the loose, and reunited with his amulet.

Now what’s interesting is, you’ll remember that he turned into his beast mode when you stole the amulet from him. Here, it seems like he’s using his amulet to activate beast mode.

Shinnok: Tremble before me as I absorb Earthrealm’s power.

In the challenge tower, there’s this really cool death sequence.

But in the story mode, it doesn’t go down like that. Instead, Raiden removes the amulet from his possession.

But, having been darkened by the corrupted Jinsei, he’s now Dark Raiden. And that’s where the Amulet ends up. Raiden now wears it as part of his outfit.

Raiden: No longer will I simply defend Earthrealm. I will seek out and destroy all who threaten it. No mercy will be shown. No quarter given.

So is that what happened? Or did I manage to steal the amulet for myself, when no one was looking? I’ll never tell! Heh heh heh...

Okay, seriously, I know everybody and their brother is gonna be leaving a comment asking where to get one. So, here it is!

There’s an Etsy store called Smoky Dragon Lair, and the address is on the screen right now. So there ya go!

So there it is guys! That is the entire path that Shinnok’s Amulet has taken ever since it was first introduced in Mortal Kombat Mythologies to Mortal Kombat X. Where it goes next, well, I guess you’ll have to play Mortal Kombat 11 to find out. Until next time, this is tabmok99. Take it easy.