Interview with Tracy Lines (The Victim)

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]{0MBAT: Have you ever acted in anything else?

Tracy Lines: I acted in three movies, Little Big League, Jingle All the Way, and The Water Boy with Adam Sandler.

]{0MBAT: Okay, which character were you in today's episode of Mortal Kombat?  (They didn't mention your name in the credits.)

Tracy: My main character was "the victim" in the first scene, and I had three other little scenes that were really small. I just played the dead feet of Kathy and I was trying for Taja to get killed when she was getting hung.

]{0MBAT: Cool.  Any plans for you to come back?

Tracy: Yes, actually I might be doing stunts for some other actors, and I will also be doing Walking Across Egypt with Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

]{0MBAT: Did you think that the guy who played Quan Chi over-acted?

Tracy: No, he didn't overact at all.  He was playing himself.  They have computer stuff they edit to his voice in L.A...  I talk to him every night and he said he just did his best and I think he did a great job, with everything added.

]{0MBAT: Were you familiar with Mortal Kombat before you got a part with the show?

Tracy: Kinda, I heard of the movies and stuff, I never watched it.  I did watch it the first time with Paolo Montalban [who plays Kung Lao].  That was the first time I ever saw the movie, but before that I was never familiar with it.

]{0MBAT: Okay, do you visit Mortal Kombat sites on the Internet?

Tracy: I visited the official site [] trying to get on as someone that people can speak to so you know what it's like to be behind the scenes and work with the stars and to work your way to the top, if you really believe in yourself.

]{0MBAT: Alright, do you have any video games on your computer?

Tracy: None.  I mean, I do but I don't play 'em.

]{0MBAT: What kind of music do you listen to?

Tracy: Raggae, hip-hop, Mariah Carrey, whatever goes.

]{0MBAT: Okay, and what about your favourite food?

Tracy: Spanish mostly.  Chinese too, but I like Spanish.

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