Interview with Tracy Douglas (Vorpax)

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]{0MBAT: Are you having as much fun watching the show as you are acting in it?

Tracy Douglas: Absolutely.  I don't get a chance to see Paolo, Kristanna, and Daniel work so much, and when I get a chance to watch the show it's like I get to watch it with a fresh eye. I'm so bad at things like directing and seeing how the shot's gonna come out.  So watching it really is a blast.  Almost as much fun as making it.

]{0MBAT: Did you play the Mortal Kombat games or watch the movies before this?

Tracy: Yes I did.  I used to play the Mortal Kombat games when they first came out, the first Mortal Kombat.  And then after that I just kind of got too busy to play the games.  And I saw the movies because at the time my brother was a big Mortal Kombat freak, and he wanted to take me to go see 'em, so we did.  They're really cool, the first one was a lot of fun.  The second one sucked.

]{0MBAT: Yeah, I agree.

Tracy: Yeah.

]{0MBAT: At least with the show, it's more like the first one I think.

Tracy: Yeah, I think so too.  And we're really finding our legs.  I mean, I think like the first nine shows we were trying a bunch of different things and they wanted to see which direction they'd be going and who would get the most interest and I think now they've really found a good groove to work in.  So it just gets better.  The shows get better and better.

]{0MBAT: Yeah, now they can write their own storyline without worrying about if it's right or not...

Tracy: Exactly.  And I know that some of the storylines, people were saying that Sub-Zero couldn't - er, I think it was Scorpion couldn't be around then...?

]{0MBAT: Yeah, that's right.

Tracy: Well, y'know, they have to take their liberties so that people can get to see the characters that they want to see in the show.

]{0MBAT: Okay, what kind of movies do you usually watch?

Tracy: I like comedies a lot, I have to say...  like There's Something About Mary, and I like science fiction a lot, as long it's good science fiction.  There hasn't been any really good science fiction out lately, y'know?  I'm really excited to see Star Wars, every time the trailer comes on I get so excited.

]{0MBAT: One of my favourite sci-fi movies is Planet of the Apes.

Tracy: Oh of course, the whole series rocks.

]{0MBAT: Yeah, the first one is the best though because it had the most interesting messages and everything.

Tracy: Yeah, that was a whole set of movies that was just so socially forward thinking, it's unreal.

]{0MBAT: Okay, what about TV shows.  Is it the same (Comedy & Sci-Fi)?

Tracy: Television shows - I watch the X-Files.  There's only two television shows besides ours that I watch.  I watch the X-Files and I watch Ally McBeal.  Those are the only ones, really.  Altough you know what?  I started watching N.Y.P.D. Blue though too, 'cause of Rich Schroder.  Have you been seeing that?

]{0MBAT: No.

Tracy: He has been doing a really good job, so it's kind of interesting to catch up on.

]{0MBAT: Have you ever seen South Park?

Tracy: Oh yes!  *giggles* I've seen South Park!  You know, I was in Los Angeles when that Christmas Card thing came out...

]{0MBAT: Yeah, the Jesus vs. Santa.

Tracy: Yes.  One of my agents as one of the ones who got one of those as a Christmas card.  He brought it home and showed it to us.  And it was so damn funny, I howled the whole way through, it was great.  Yeah, I'm a South Park fan, definitely.  Cartman's my favourite.

]{0MBAT: I like Kenny, 'cause he's always dying....  they showed the movie on the Internet, so anyone can download it now.

Tracy: We got the video tape.

]{0MBAT: Lucky.  Where are you, Orlando?

Tracy: Yeah, we're in Orlando, at the MGM Studios.

]{0MBAT: Did you live there before?  Is that how you got a part with the show?

Tracy: No, I lived in Los Angeles.  My agency set me up an appointment, and I auditioned, and then got the role through auditioning...  through Larry, the executive producer.

]{0MBAT: Oh, so you were already in movies before this.

Tracy: Well, I've done guest-starring roles on television.  Like I was on Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, Michael Hayes, and Malcolm and Eddy...  I was on As the World Turns for a while...  And I've done a lot of screen testing for movies, but not a whole lot of movie work, more television.

]{0MBAT: Ya think ya could me a part with the show?

Tracy: I don't know, you'd have to talk to the casting director about that.  I can't get anybody parts with the show.  Unfortunately, us actors don't have a lot of pull in that department.

]{0MBAT: What do you have a pull in...  how the story goes?

Tracy: Yeah, Larry's really cool because he likes our input on what's going on - if we feel comfortable with what's happening to our characters, what we do, what we don't like, what we'd like to see more of, it's a nice give and take.  It's not always heated, y'know, it's not always like "Well what we say goes" at all like that.  But he listens, and he'll take into consideration, and sometimes there are consessions made and sometimes there aren't.

]{0MBAT: One thing I didn't like with your character was that one episode they showed her as Shao Khan's spy and then another time she was Shang Tsung's slave.

Tracy: Mm-hmm.  Well, Vorpax is trying to work everybody.  In the episode we just finished shooting, you'll find out why.

]{0MBAT: Oh...  yeah, she's kind of sucking up to everyone.

Tracy: Yes, exactly.

That's pretty much it...  there's a lot of small talk that I didn't bother typing up (it's in the sound clip above, though).  BTW, the episode of MK Conquest she's talking about it is Episode #16, Kreeya.

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