MK Windows Media Player Skins

Most all computers these days come with some form of Windows Media Player.  It's included in just about every version of Windows.  To use these skins, you will need at least WMP 6.0 or higher.  Right now, there are only a couple skins skins to download.  Using a free program from Microsoft, any skin for WinAmp 2.0 can be converted to a Windows Media Player skin!

To use these skins, simply save the file under C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\Skins
(folder may be different depending on where you have Media Player installed)

Skin Author Size
Flaming Dragon Alan Nolan 123 KB
KombatAmp 1.0 MK Killah 83 KB
KombatAmp 2.0 MK Killah 97 KB
Mortal Kombat StarKrafter 356 KB
The Mortal Dragon Grave Lord 406 KB
The Mortal Jade Dragon Grave Lord 315 KB

Many more skins will be added soon.  If you would like to convert more WinAmp skins for use with Windows Media Player, you can get the program for free.  It is included in the Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP.

If you don't have Windows XP, just wait it out and over the next few days I will convert the rest of the Mortal Kombat WinAmp skins for use with Windows Media Player.  Remember, the skins themselves will work on any version of Windows, as long as you are able to run Windows Media Player version 6.0 or higher - no XP required.

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