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MK Sprite Comics by ]{0MBAT
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Can Shang Tsung do the "soul steal" on the cyber-ninjas?
Shang Tsung's latest plan to acheive invincibility...
The Snowball Effect
Mortal Hiccups
No Smoking
Hat Trick
A Taxing Subject
Rise of the Robots
Sub-Zero's New Look
Death of Johnny Cage
Draggin' Punch
Raiden's Staff
Scorpion's Fate-ality
Smoke's Addiction
Project: Ogmorth
Mortal Kombat Knock-Knocks (Part 1)
Mortal Kombat Knock-Knocks (Part 2)
Mortal Kombat Knock-Knocks (Part 3)
Mortal Kombat Knock-Knocks (Part 4)
Mortal Kombat Knock-Knocks (Part 5)
King of Puns
Kamidogu Comic
Lightbulb Jokes
The Dragon and The Amulet
Scorpion's Guilt
Master Cho's Absence
The Ghost in the Machine
MK Shaolin Monks: Revisited
8-Bit Konquest Side Missions
16-Bit Konquest
Johnny vs. Newspapers
A Bizarro Concept
Worlds Kollide
Slow And Steady Wins
A Powerful New Warrior
A Deadly Substance
Escape From The Lin Kuei
Special Forces Date New! December 20, 2010

MK Sprite Comic Supplements by ]{0MBAT
Project: Ogmorth Bios
Project: Ogmorth Negative Campaign Ads
Reptile's MKD Pun