Pong Kombat 2

Pong + Creativity = Pong Kombat. A simple equation.

Ryan Sadwick (of Ryan Sadwick Productions, <RyanSPK@aol.com>) & Arturo Aquino (of Art Entertainment) first released Pong Kombat 2 for Windows 3.1 and higher sometime back in 1996.  The original PK2 homepage has disappeared, but you can still download the game here.

This game is freeware, so you don't need to register it.  So download it, guilt-free:


Pong Kombat 2 - 11,009 KB
Pong Kombat 2 Icon Set - 2 KB
Pong Kombat 2 Fix (Required for SOME users - only download if PK2 doesn't work) - 304 KB


Pong Kombat 2 Manual
Pong Kombat 2 FAQ
Pong Kombat 2 Interview


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

At one point, Ryan and Arturo were expecting to work on more games, such as PK2 Special Edition, Supreme PK2, PK2 Kids, PK2oons (PK2 Toons), and more.  It now looks like this is no longer the case.  Just be happy with this, I guess.

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