The Kombat Pavilion

April 28, 2008
Game Time

Some more games are out, check these out!

Three very different types of games, to be sure.  The latest MK Karnage from TimsMK is amazing, on all accounts.  Mortal Katapult is also a blast to play (pun intended!), and don't be surprised if you see my own name pop up on the high score list from time to time.  Sub-Zero Killer is also pretty neat, but as you can see, is stacked up against some pretty tough competition.

Thanks to TimsMK, ScheissNUssen, and fatalitymaster for their kreations!

April 12, 2008
MK Touch

The folks over at TRMK played an excellent April Fool's Gag this year – a brand new MK game exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch!  Even Ed Boon went along with the gag, by updating his website to include the word "TOUCH" in a hidden message.  You can check out the following:

Even though it was on April 1st a lot of people bought into this one!  Another great addition to the Fake MK Games section.